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Does This Girl Want To Hook Up…Or Is She Looking For Love

A question that I get all the time is, “Marius…I know a lot of women like to go hunting for sex at bars and clubs. But a lot of women also like to go out to meet new friends and see if they can find a potential boyfriend. So if I meet a woman at a bar or nightclub, how can I know what she really wants? How do I know if she wants a one-night stand or a relationship right away?”

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How To Flirt By Texting

Being good at coming up with witty, funny or unique text messages is important when it comes to flirting in this day and age as text messages are rapidly replacing phone conversations as a means to not only communicate with other people but to score yourself some dates as well.  It’s really amazing how you can turn almost any type of conversation into a date. For example, if you get a text message that:

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