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Perfect Romantic Gifts

There is nothing better when the person you love does something romantic, impresses you and sweeps you off your feet.  So to give you a helping hand to show how much you love someone  I have come up with some gift ideas that every lady will love and will ensure that you will be in their good books.

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Casual Locations for Sarging and Meeting Women

Below is a brief rundown of some casual locations for meeting women and developing your pickup game. These are fairly common and accessible places that most guys will have access to. Some may mesh with your style, and some may not. Try as many as you can and see what works for you. And remember, stay relaxed and be social when you’re out sarging. Rather than making it your goal to close on women, make it your goal to have fun, socialize, and be confident — numbers (or more) will likely result.

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Over the past few years the world of dating has taken a new turn. Online dating has changed how we meet and find love. No longer needing our best friends matchmaking skills, we can now sit in the privacy of our own homes or even offices scrolling through online personals, searching for that ideal woman or man.

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Marrying Russian Women

So you’re thinking about marrying a Russian woman? Here are categories of women from Ultimate Man’s Guide to Internet Dating. Keep them in mind. They can apply to certain women and not necessarily Russian Women.

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Online Dating: Get noticed with great photos

However you get your photos, it’s very important that you have good quality photos in order to attract matches and especially your soul mate. To help you make your profile photos stand out amongst the other singles on your internet dating site, we’ve put together some online dating photo advice to get you started.

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Smile Helping You Attract Women

ometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference in attracting or not attracting women.

Take for instance a man smiling or not smiling at women.

Both ways have the power to attract women, however success depends on the mans approach.

Not smiling works when a man is at a point in his life where he really does not want to be bothered and could care less about women.

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Find The Guy Who Is Doing Great With Women At The Club

The next time you go out, find a guy who’s doing pretty good with women.

You’ll know him. He’ll be the guy dressed a little more, well, eccentrically, than everyone else.

Maybe he’s scanning the room, or maybe he’s talking real excitedly to a bunch of girls until he starts to makeout with one on the dance floor.

You’ll find one of these guys in every club. When you see him, go up to him and ask him what he did.

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Is Happy Hour The Best Place To Meet Women?

It’s Friday and you have finished a long week.

You want to get out, relax, socialize with your friends and maybe…

…you’d like to meet a woman.

So where do you go to meet women on a Friday night?

Well, if you’re like a lot men, you may choose to frequent a Friday “Happy Hour” to do this.

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Places To Meet Women On A Friday Or Saturday Night Other than A Bar Or Club

If you are a single guy looking for single women to meet and interact with Friday and Saturday nights are more than likely the two nights in which you put the most effort into finding that woman of your dreams or woman of the night.For most single guys Friday night might start off with a “Happy Hour” followed by going to another bar or club in search of that special woman that you are looking for.

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How to Kiss Single Women at the End of a Date

In this article I want to talk about that awkward moment at the end of a date when you’re not sure on how to go about getting a kiss.

First of all, it’s very important to know that some single women have a rule that they don’t kiss on the first date. I don’t agree with this rule and think a kiss would be a nice way to end a date. But, you must play by and respect her rules.

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