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How To Tease Your Girlfriend

I am often asked, “How should I tease a woman once I’m in a relationship with her?”

The answer is quite simple. You do the same things you’ve always done…except for ONE thing:

You now only tease her ALONE, but not in front of other people.

When you’re courting a woman, you should tease her in front of other people so that you’ll raise your own social proof, lower her social proof, and also act like a challenge.

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There Is Only One Woman On This Planet


I have a lovely girl, she’s bright, sexy, open minded, and crazy about me
ect ect.

But …

I am still into other girls, like years of being single have me ‘looking’
still, is there somthing magical that is suppost to happen to a man when
he enters a healthy relationship where all outside sexual desire

Do guys with girlfriends still check out other girls? Shouldn’t one girl
be enough?


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Romantic Nights In

mmm… romantic night in. not out. in

After 6 glasses of wine they ditched the meal prep.

So what can we do for a great romantic night in? Well before we start brainstorming, let’s start at the other end by agreeing what we want to achieve from the night, cos that will shape what exactly we’ll then do for our romantic night in.

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Romantic Text Messages – What’s the Point?

So I’ve noticed a ton of sites springing up with lots of ideas on romantic text messages for your wife/husband/partner, a lot of which are cute romantic quotes in text form. And I think that’s a cool idea, but it got me thinking – can we really use texts to make romantic gestures, or bring us closer to our partners, or is it a dumb idea?

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5 Reasons why you should be careful who you choose to be your romantic partner

Would you believe that people spend more time and effort choosing cars, career and holiday spots than who they let into their romantic life?

Many people simply fall in love based on chemistry and feelings. Somehow the cold hard objectivity of evaluating the person disappears if they could make the person feel the fluffy feeling of love and romance.

I know what you are saying – that could never happen to me! Believe me attraction is not a choice.

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Romantic getaways are a positive way to move a romantic relationship to the next level!

But how do you prevent them from turning into disasters…that doom your romance relationship before it gets a chance to really get off of the ground?

By putting in a little forethought into the trip!

It makes no difference if your getaway is for two days or a week…here’s a few tips to really help make it a roaring success.

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French Kissing Techniques

I don’t know how many people who are seeking teen dating advice ask me how to kiss, particularly how to french kiss properly so I decided that it would be appropriate to write a few tips on kissing. Let’s face it, kissing can be a very enjoyable activity on its own and can also be used as a precursor for building up to passion that leads to other activities. Here are a few tips to help make sure that things go well!

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Scent Based Attraction

A well-chosen scent can transform your image, make a lasting impression on people or cause an internal sexual response from the opposite sex. We all can think of a time that we were powerfully affected by a partner’s scent or remember a distinct smell that has triggered within us memories long forgotten. I’m sure you know of a female friend who can’t stop smelling their partner’s shirts or of men who love to smell their partner’s hair.

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The Right Moment For A Kiss

So the night is coming to a close and after a wonderful date you want to give her a kiss good night. But is the timing right?

Well of course it is… at least for you since you are acknowledging the fact that you want to kiss the girl at the end of this date. The question is, would she like to be kissed by you?

If you are seeking a list of signs to before going for the kiss then this teen dating advice article is the right one for you! Keep reading below for both good and bad signs to look out for. You’ll also want to make sure that you read articles on proper kissing technique.

First and foremost,  it’s always a good idea for a guy to walk a female to her door after a date.  It’s a must in this age of dying chivalry.  But how do you get over that strange feeling of, “Do I go in for a kiss?” “What should I do now?”

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Dating Advice: How To End A Bad Date Gracefully

You’re absolutely thrilled that the person you fancy has just asked you out and then you turn up to the date with butterflies in your stomach because you’re so excited and then you leave with a churning feeling because the date wasn’t what you hoped for at all… We’ve all had a bad date before and let’s face it, they aren’t pretty. Today, I hope to help you end a bad date in a proper manner.

If you know you definitely don’t want to see them again and want to make a swift exit, then do what your mother told you, and be honest. While this may seem harsh, honesty truly is the best policy in this situation. Don’t be rude or insulting. There’s no need to critizise their dress sense or tell them they have a bad sense of humor, even if those are the reasons that you don’t like them. Just tell them that you’ve had a great night but that you don’t think the two of you are compatible. Sure their ego might be bruised, but in the end they will appreciate your honesty as no one likes to be strung along.

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