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When Her Ex Still Has A Place In Her Heart


My girlfriend’s ex lives very far away, from what I hear
from her, he loves her very much and will do anything
for her. Our relationship is growing by the day, but as
we grow together she tells me she can’t let go of him,
that I’m in her heart completely, but there’s still a
tiny sliver with him. She asks me “what should I do?”.

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Long Distance Relationship Advice

LDR’s (Long Distance Relationships) happen like tornadoes not much warning and with lots of damage.But in today’s globalized and high tech world where we work, study and play in different countries, cities and states.LDR’s are more and more common and couples everywhere are able to maintain healthy relationships long distance.There is a lot of long distance relationship advice that you will get but if you want your long distance relationship to work there are a number of old but very true rules that you must maintain.

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Tired of being alone? Tired of feeling alone?

As the years pass by, most women feel that they know themselves better and in the same time it is harder for them to find their man. Every friend of theirs has something to say: “You are searching for your fantasy man,  no one like that lives on this planet”, “Don’t compromise girl”, “Go out more, meet more people”, “No point in going out, you wont find a husband in a bar” and lets not forget the mother that always remind her daughter that “When I was your age I already had 2 kids”.

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