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When She Wants To Start Seeing Other People

Hi Stephane,

I have been with my girlfriend for nearly 2 years now.. things have been great until a few months ago where
some “fights” arose. One thing that came up was that she wanted to “try” other people… But she also wanted to keep our relationship.

Ok she is young, 18. To me this was ludicrous… but I do understand with her being young and not had any real sexual experience besides myself… But still this is the thorn in our relationship.

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How To Undo Damage You’ve Done With A Woman

I am often asked, “How can I undo the damage I have already done to a relationship, such as not acting enough of a challenge to a woman or getting into a big argument with her?”

Unfortunately, this is no magic fix. You can’t just go back in time and “fix” any damage that has already been done.

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