4 Signs You Need to Break Up

4 Signs You Need to Break Up

Every relationship is not a match made in heaven. In fact, you probably spent more time researching and choosing your new flat screen TV than you spent figuring out which girl is right for you.

Something as important as love and a lifelong relationship has to be taken very seriously. Yet, in our culture, we still tend to use the “trial and error” method of finding a suitable partner. Then it shouldn’t be too shocking that we will make a few errors along the way.

A man needs to realize when he is in a relationship that is heading nowhere and he has to heed the signs that tell him when he needs to break up.

1. Incompatibility

Physical and sexual chemistry is an important part of a romantic relationship.

And that physical compatibility goes a long way toward bringing couples on adultfrinendfinder together. Initially.

The tingly bubbles flowing through our veins blind us to the deeper realities for a while. But man does not live by sex alone.

An incredible experience between the sheets can be very compelling. It can make a good relationship better, but it cannot make two people compatible if they are not.

If you make each other miserable, have different goals and can’t even agree on the little things, then you have to think about putting your emotional and lifestyle compatibility above your sexual nirvana.

2. You can’t do anything right

You’ve always been a pretty easygoing guy that everybody liked, but she thinks you’re something the devil just coughed up and spit out.

She gets along with everyone else, and everyone else gets along with you.

She might have some serious trust issues because of a cheating father, a troublesome past relationship or a bad break up, but now she’s taking it out on you.

Or maybe she just can’t stand the way you smile. She’s entitled to her likes and dislikes, but you’re entitled to a life of respect and dignity, too.

Whether she’s borderline psychotic or just hard to live with isn’t really the issue.

If she puts way too much energy into harshing your mellow, you might want to think about breaking away and finding someone who appreciates you and will be a positive force in your life. The hassle and pain of a break up are nothing compared to a lifetime of dissatisfaction.

3. You’re worlds apart.

She doesn’t like your friends and is never gracious about allowing you the time to see them. Or maybe she doesn’t want to include you in her circle of friends.

Maybe you like camping and football, but she wants you to spend every weekend with her listening to the Chamber Orchestra or ballroom dancing.

People from different planets can get along if they are willing to make the effort, but if compromise is not an option, then you can never build a bridge between your worlds and it’s better to consider breaking up and going your separate ways.

4. Lost that lovin’ feeling.

Every relationship has its sexual highs and lows. But sometimes the sexual desire just vanishes altogether for both parties. You may still go through the motions, but the thrill is gone.

This is most likely to be the case if things started out fast and furiously, giving the relationship a predominantly sexual foundation. The flame was hot and wild, and then only ashes were left.

If your encounters are pretty much limited to the time you are physically engaged, if there’s no “before,” no “after” and just a perfunctory “middle” with no words or kissing, the interaction is purely sexual. There is nothing wrong with that if both sides are on the same page and are not deceiving themselves, but if you’re not satisfied with that dynamic, you either have to find friendship and compassion to build a real foundation, or think about moving on and doing things differently next time around.

If you’re looking for love and a long-term relationship including substantial human connection, your best bet is to seek a multidimensional relationship. Friendship, love, passion, compassion, sex, laughter, respect, common goals, intimacy and commitment are a few of the key elements.

If you are each living in your own separate bubble or parallel universe and just share a bed for the sake of convenience, that setup is unlikely to lead to a long-term relationship that includes love, respect and mutual support. Know what you want and know what you have.

Nothing is a mistake unless you incorporate it into your life forever. Every relationship is a valuable learning experience, but life is what we do with the lessons we learn.

You’re not doing your girlfriend a favor by staying with her if the relationship is dead. A breakup is not a failure, but staying with the wrong woman forever is.

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