Commitment to Vibe

Commitment to Vibe

One of the things we stress over here at Charisma Arts is the power of Vibe. This mysterious super power is often misunderstood. Vibe is all of the communication you are sending that has nothing to do with your words and everything to do with body language, tonality, facial expressions, and a lot more. So how does one learn to put off a good vibe: one word, COMMITMENT.

Vibe is something very difficult to talk about, a lot easier to show, and even better to have adjusted by someone in person. However the number one issue I see with guys is commitment. You have to put yourself on the line and charge the interaction full force of your warmth and openness. There can be no tentativeness in a good vibe. When I see guys get blown out it is mostly because they were only halfway opening. They didn’t put themselves fully out there.

Commitment is foreign to most guys as it applies to vibe. Most other schools teach a tentative approach waiting for them to show interest and always be on the verge of leaving. No wonder when guys come in with anything but a masterfully designed routine that they get blown out.

The Charisma Arts Method is different. We teach to come in fully who you are with everything you have on the line. We have a saying “Loud people don’t scare people, quiet people do.” Why? because quiet people are insecure and tentative. Loud people are there and you know it. You have to deal with it.

So what does a committed vibe look like? First, the approach is strong and natural. Don’t be lurking around them, go straight up to them. Whoever makes eye contact with you first is the person you should introduce yourself to. Lean slightly in (yes i said lean in, its not pecking) face your heart to the person, shake hands with either a hand sandwich or the other hand touching the outside of their arm. Smile as WARM and friendly as you possibly can and say “Hi, My name is __________”. Hold their hand until they introduce themselves. Say something nice to them and introduce yourself to the rest just like that. If it is a group do the exact thing, but if people are too far away just give a bit of a wave while introducing yourself. Start talking loudly and confidently. Be calibrated coming in with just slightly more energy than the set has.

An exercise that is helpful: while you are walking down the street choose a guy to give a man hug to. You extend one hand and then pull them into you taking the other hand around and patting them on the back. Just act like you recognize them and they are a good friend. Then you can just start talking to them. You can’t get more committed than to hug a complete stranger, a guy at that. It is just about the commitment in thinking you know them. They will hug you back then figure out if they actually do know you or not.

Those are the basics. For groups make sure you introduce yourself to everyone and then just start talking to the people near you.

The more solid and committed you approach the better the set will open on adultfrinendfinder.

Don’t be cool, be WARM… …

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