Compatible Singles – How compatible singles can turbo-charge their efforts

Compatible Singles – How compatible singles can turbo-charge their efforts

Compatible singles don’t always hit it off straight away. It’s not always a case of love at first sight.

However when they do, you can be sure that something magical is in the making! Firstly, let’s answer a few questions:

How do they meet?

How do singles recognise that they have met a compatible match and are potentially made for each other?

Well the answer to the first question is anywhere! It could be on the train, on a plane, in a coffee shop, at work, even online with the help adultfrienedfinder app! (Check Out eharmony – they have probably the best and most successful matching system to get compatible singles together! Super Recommend!!)

Compatible singles match – And their ultimate romance experience

The answer to the second question is a bit trickier. A lot of people see instant attraction as either love, or compatibility. It could be both or it could be neither. It may be nothing more than just attraction.

Finding out when you meet someone for the first time is practically impossible. It takes time, because compatible singles are not just compatible on one level i.e. attractiveness. – Nor just on personality. In fact a scientific study by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, (He’s written 9 books, published hundreds of articles, and appeared on more than 4,000 radio and television programs and is also the Founder of eharmony has proven that there are at least 29 different factors compatible singles need to consider for true compatability, including:

  • Character traits like adaptability, curiosity, and intellect
  • Family background and values, such as spirituality and feelings about children
  • Emotional temperament and skills, such as conflict resolution

Now, I’m sure you DON’T need to match on all of those levels, however I think it makes plainer sailing if singles who are truly compatible, match on more of if not most of those levels before they dream of riding off into the sunset together as a perfect compatible singles match.

The important understanding one can draw from this study, is that it’s not just about having the same taste in music, or discovering you have mutual best friends from the past, that makes singles who are compatible share their lives together.

It’s a lot more factors to consider if true compatibility is what you want. However, when you do start ticking off a list of the 29 compatibility factors, and start getting into double figures… you know you’re probably on to a winner!

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