Dating A Married Man

Dating A Married Man

There isn’t nearly enough free dating sites for women who have found themselves involved with a married man. Women who date married men have been called countless names, such as ‘home wrecker’ or ‘man stealer.’ But, the reality is that women who date married men are, just lik his wife, caught in a love triangle. Not to mention that many women who find themselves dating a married man were actually conned right from the beginning by his unlimited promises, gifts/presents, his charming personality, and even lies and deception. What do you do when you find yourself amid this situation? Where is the free online dating advice? Look no further! I am here to offer you some free relationship advice on dating a married man!

First, avoid public places. It’s better for you, and better for him. As soon as others see you in the local bar or store with this man you found on Adultfrienedfinder, you are virtually cut off from the dating world. If you are known in your community as ‘taken,’ you automatically hinder your options for meeting an unmarried, available man who goes home to you -rather than his wife- each and every night night. Your married man is not completely dedicated to you (no matter what he says), therefore, you should keep your eyes open as well. Also, once your family, friends, neighbors spot you two together, the questions start piling up: “Who is he? What does he do? When can we meet him?” You want to avoid this mess at all costs. As for him, he may find himself in a very uncomfortable situation if someone spots you two together. You do not need to be in the middle of a full, blown argument. Similarly, own share this relationship with those who you trust and who accept you unconditionally. Dating a married man could be very isolating. If you need to seek out dating advice, consult only those who have your back one hundred percent of the time.

Next, have some self – respect, ladies! Please do not start lurking in the bushes of his house, calling his phone and hanging up, or stalking his family. Not only will he lose his drive and desire for you, you will also lose your own self dignity. You know that at the end of the day, he goes home to his wife and family (despite any promises he may whisper into your ear during pillow talk). This must not be forgotten. Therefore, at the end of the day, you must also have your own life (instead of, ahem, having HIM become your life). Go out for coffee with your friends, take a yoga class, get a mani/pedi- DO NOT- and I repeat- DO NOT- sit around moping and waiting for him to call you!

Another piece of advice is to think short-term, and not long term. Making plans for a week at a time is acceptable, but do not bring up the subject of long-term commitments, such as long vacations, future plans, or marriage. As noted previously, you have your own life- so, of course, you need to know what is ensuing for the weekend to come. If he calls you Friday for a Friday night date, I suggest you take a rain check. But, long term commitments are a no no as you will most likely end up stranded and hurt at the end. Speaking of long term commitments, DO NOT get pregnant in order to relinquish control of the situation. This is a sure fire way to scare him off, and leave you alone to raise his child.

My last piece of free relationship advice for being involved with a married man is to make the time that you both share together enjoyable and special. You do not know the depth and time frame of your relationship. You barey know how you got yourself into this situation, let alone how it will end. So, do not waste time on petty nonsense- Enjoy the time you two share together. This includes refraining from being too pushy, from asking questions you do not want answers to, and it also means being a good listener and a good translator of body language. Appreciate the moments because moments are what your relationship is made on…

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