Dating Beautiful Women

Dating Beautiful Women

In the pursuit of happiness, men are often looking for what is considered the ideal woman, one that’s classy, poised and a great looker. But even the most macho of men, full of bravado and confidence, can lose their cool when they’re around beautiful women.

We can point to the media for many of our biases, including the portrayal of beautiful woman as bitches. Fashion magazines, movies and TV commercials depict them as unapproachable and out-of-reach of the average man.

But look around and you’ll see that the Prince Charmings of the world don’t always win the dream girl. You’ll see that the guys who have success with gorgeous women don’t have a particular look, body, finances, age, race or personalities; it’s hard to come up with a common denominator.

Society places such an emphasis on beauty that it may be intimidating to think that a beautiful woman would be interested in you and so you don’t make an effort to approach as seen in these adultfrienedfinder app reviews. Even worse you may have bought into the following myths:

  • Beautiful women get more attention then they could possibly want.
    The truth is that because people are intimated, they’re often lonely.
  • Gorgeous women are only interested in good looking men.
    The truth is that character and how well you treat her is what’s important.
  • All beautiful women are already in a relationship.
    The truth is they have few dates because men are afraid to approach.
  • They’re spoiled, self-centered, stuck-up snobs.
    They have the same qualities as any other healthy woman.

Show Your Masculine Side

Gorgeous woman are the ultimate in femininity. In order to connect you need to be the exact opposite. In other words, you need to be masculine.

Sometimes, men try to appeal to women with their sensitive, softer side. This won’t work with a gorgeous woman. Masculine doesn’t mean a burly, brutish, domineering male. It means qualities like confidence, self-assurance, sense of humor and a bit cocky. The more you can do display the classic signs of “being a guy”, the more she’ll be into you.

How to Approach a Beautiful Woman

The direct approach works best! Take a deep breath and allow a wave of relaxation to move through you. Imagine watching yourself make the first move in a relaxed, friendly way. Imagine her smiling back and responding to you with interest. By using your imagination, you will disassociate yourself from your unconscious fear and be more comfortable and relaxed.

Women have a keen sense when a man is unsure of himself and any bit of hesitation is a dead give away. One way to show your confident nature is by being prepared with an introduction or with a few well placed ice breakers.

  • No matter how beautiful a woman is or how many times she’s heard it, women never tire of hearing a sincere compliment.
  • Share a humorous joke or anecdote.
  • “Excuse me, I just noticed something interesting about you…”

Beauty Is in the Eyes . . .

. . . of the beholder. How true! Getting past the knock-out looks to see the real person beneath is vital when dating a beautiful woman. Men place too much value on looks and get burned in the end when they find a dull or mean-spirited personality beneath.

In closing, don’t be intimidated by beautiful women. Approach them just like you would any other woman. After all they need love too and will be responsive to your approach and that you’re not intimidated by their looks.

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