Daytime Dates – Dating at Home

Daytime Dates – Dating at Home

You both look into each others’ eyes as you sip your wine. Finally a quiet moment for you both to ch…

“Mommy! The aliens stole my bear!! Come quick!!”

… that beautiful silence is broken by one of your kids and off one of you has to go. You spend the next 20 minutes calming them down, getting them back to sleep, and by now your romantic dinner is cold, and your partner is engrossed in their iPhone, not your beautiful eyes any more.

Well, that romantic evening idea didn’t go to plan did it? Just as in Scooby-Doo, everything would have gone to plan if it wasn’t for those pesky kids. How can you get to spend some quality, uninterrupted time with your partner when you have kids?

Daytime Dates – do what you want as loudly as you want

Well how about just having a date at home when the kids aren’t around, i.e. in the daytime? Let me explain how it works:

  • – Morning proceeds as normal – you and your partner act the same, and do your normal routine, dress for work, make no mention to the kids that today is any different for you, etc
  • – Kids dispatched/dropped off at school/daycare as with every other weekday.
  • – Then you and your partner meet up again at your home, and use the half-day/whole day vacation you have prearranged with your employers to do whatever you want, as messily or as loudly as you want. Imagine that – an empty house, no interruptions.

Do you both want to spend the whole day watching DVDs from your youth wearing only your underwear – go for it. Want to scream the house down and christen each room of your home with some great loud sex like when you met each other at adultfrienedfinder app login– the house is yours. Want to just chat for hours as a couple the way you used to before the kids came along and tired you out – brew some coffee, pick a sofa and knock yourself out. Think of the possibilities!

Look, we all love our kids, I’m sure yours are as adorable as mine are, and you wouldn’t change a thing, etc etc etc, but if those kids want a happy mommy and daddy, you need to get them outta the house once in a while so mommy and daddy can forget they are mommy and daddy for a day. Enjoy your dayime dates!

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