Does This Girl Want To Hook Up…Or Is She Looking For Love

Does This Girl Want To Hook Up…Or Is She Looking For Love

A question that I get all the time is, “Marius…I know a lot of women like to go hunting for sex at bars and clubs. But a lot of women also like to go out to meet new friends and see if they can find a potential boyfriend. So if I meet a woman at a bar or nightclub, how can I know what she really wants? How do I know if she wants a one-night stand or a relationship right away?”

Here’s my answer:

You can’t. There’s no way of knowing. Nor does it matter.

You see…when a woman goes out to pick up a guy for sex, she will dress up, get a little tipsy, and be extremely flirtatious with men.

When a woman goes out to find Mr. Right, she will also dress up, have a few drinks to boost her confidence, and be extremely flirtatious with men.

In short, there’s no way of knowing what she’s looking for “at the surface”.

Asking her about what she wants won’t help either.

A woman will rarely tell you what she’s REALLY after, and even if she gives you the “true” answer at that particular moment, her “choice” could very well change in a few days.

But you know what? It really doesn’t matter. No matter a woman is looking for sex or for a relationship just like on adultfrinendfinder, you should always stick to the rules of the Smart Dating System. You should always take it one date at a time.

The truth is: Even if a woman IS looking for a relationship, if you act too eager, it’s going to push her away.

That is why you should STOP WORRYING about whether or not she’s looking for a relationship, and just enjoy your time with her until more information becomes available.

Simply focus on raising the attraction as much as possible, and take it one date at a time.

Within a few dates, it should be clear what she wants.

Then you can decide if you have the same goal as she does and if you want to stick around or not.

Now get out there and meet some women!

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