Getting Good Advice on Dating

Getting Good Advice on Dating

Nowdays you can get advice on dating from almost anywhere. There are internet columns, magazine columns, radio shows, and television programs which emit tens of millions of words and make tens of millions of dollars giving advice on relationship to strangers with no reason to trust them but desperation. The problem with getting dating advice is that you never know if you are getting good advice. Really how can you weed through all of the sludge, all of the worthless advice on dating and advice on relationship, to find the few nuggets of gold. And even if you do find them, what are the chances that they will apply to you if they were written by a stranger for a stranger in the first place? 

Your mom may actually have some good tips for you, but is she offering a helpful advice, or is she trying to get you hooked up fast because she wants grandchildren? To be fair, most people won’t turn to their mothers for dating advice. You probably also have friends in your life who thinks they specialize in love and romance. More likely these friends never had either love or romance in their lives but will be more than delighted to volunteer advice on dating to you. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker’s heroine in TV show “Sex and the City”. She specialized in advice on dating and advice on relationship. She was writing a column on it, but did she really have successful relationship herself, did she really know what to do in her personal life?

Many of online dating sites now also offer advice on dating as seen in this adultfrienedfinder app review. Are they really capable to give good advice? Or they are just trying to attract new customers to business. If they offered the kind of nuanced advice on relationships that is really valuable, they would not have the sensationalist feel that really sells.

Besides online dating sites, there are many other places on the Internet where you can find good dating advice. There are websites devoted to helping you find love, and many of these offer great dating advice. A search online will bring up tons of this type of site. Also remember that dating advice is not one size fits all. If you live in an urban area, advice meant to help you find love at the grocery store might not work for you, but then again, it might. You have to take the dating advice you find and suit it to your life, and you may find you don’t need help anymore. It may start to come naturally to you.

The fact is, if you need advice on dating, you had better have a very good caring friend to get it from. The person who knows you and your background and understands you very well. There is just no alternative to this. There are also people who are trained to give you advice on dating that is probably worth something. A Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Social Worker is trained to help people to sort out all of the aspects of their life, from childhood to grave. However, just having a degree and some training does not guarantee that you can give dating advice that is worth anything. You have to spend a lot of money and time, before professional Psychologist, not to mention a Social Worker would really understand and know you, before they would be able to give you good advice on dating.

Above all, like everything else in this life, it comes down to simply learning to trust yourself and your own instincts. Advice really follows the rules of classical economics – the more that you receive, the less value that it has. Nonetheless, when relationships go foul, people almost instantly do everything but look into their own souls to figure out what the solution is to their problems.

Whether you choose online dating sites for advice, or if you turn to family and friends, remember that the very best dating advice is to always be yourself! Have fun, be open, and you may very soon find people are turning to you for dating advice.

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