Holiday Dating: ‘Tis the Time to Celebrate Being Single

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Holiday Dating: ‘Tis the Time to Celebrate Being Single

The holidays are a time of joy, celebration, tradition, food, parties and shopping. They’re a time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. But when you’re single, sometimes the holidays are simply a time of dread. The pressure is on to find a date for the office holiday party or to take a serious boyfriend or girlfriend home for a family dinner or to find your perfect match under the mistletoe or to finally get that email from your future husband or wife on your internet dating site or to kiss the love of your life at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way because singles can enjoy the holidays too.

Here are a few holiday dating tips to keep Scrooge away and celebrate being single this season.

Take the pressure off about being single. You are single, so the easiest thing to do is just accept it for now. Once you can just say, “okay, I’m on my own for the holidays,” it’s going to be much easier because then you can focus on enjoying yourself and doing what you love. Of course, it’s usually when you’re relaxed and happy that you’re most likely to meet someone special and find love and romance. So lookout, you may just find a date and end up with a new boyfriend or girlfriend on your hands this season.

Be social. Resist the temptation to stay at home with your favorite TV show every night and get out for your own adventures by enjoying the holiday festivities. Your friends’ holiday parties are often a wonderful place to meet new single men or single women. If you find yourself at a party with mostly married people or couples, just enjoy yourself with your friends and meet some new ones. Every couple has single friends and you never know when a couple you meet might introduce you to your soul mate or invite you to a great dinner party and sit you next to your future boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife!

Do go to your office holiday party. This is a tough one for many, but the more you focus on having fun instead of moping about being single and worrying about finding your match, the more of a good time you will have and the more open you will be to meeting other singles.

Throw your own holiday singles party and be a matchmaker. Invite all your single friends and have everyone bring another single friend (someone who’s just a friend not a date) – single men bring single women, and single women bring single men. You can even invite some of the men and women you’ve met on your favorite internet dating site adultfrienedfinder app, especially a single girl or single guy you have your eye on. And if you’re not dying to try that new holiday recipe, make it easy on yourself by having everyone bring a favorite holiday dish, and you can make the eggnog or mulled wine.

Enjoy giving. Get in the spirit by giving presents and treating yourself to a present or two too, even if it’s something as simple as taking yourself and a friend to that romantic holiday movie you’ve wanted to see or treating yourself to a month on another matchmaking site. Indulge! The holidays are also a nice time to visit with older relatives or neighbors, even if it’s for a quick chat and a hot cocoa. It’s also a wonderful time to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or donate to a toy drive. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet quality singles and find people with similar interests! If you do an online search, you may even find singles volunteer opportunities.

Plan a weekend winter getaway. It’s always fun to have a little vacation to look forward to, and being away is another great place to meet singles and find romance. Local resorts and travel websites often have great last-minute package deals, so keep your eyes open. Winter singles getaways are also a fun option. Some social networking and online dating sites, like, plan annual winter singles ski vacations. Try doing a search for “singles getaways” or “singles trips” or check with your online personals dating site.

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