How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Now

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Now

I know all too well how completely gut wrenching breakups can be. The fact that you’re reading this now most likely means that you are struggling with a particularly difficult situation. I’m sure at this moment you want to curl up on the couch with a gallon of ice cream while feeling sorry for yourself. However, I’m here to tell, don’t!

Although break-ups can be difficult, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is over. Let me show you how with a solid plan, you’ll be able to get your ex-boyfriend back. Not to worry if you think your situation is hopeless. With my help, not only will you get him back, but you will make him fall in love with you all over again. You’ll have him adoring you like you did in the beginning of the relationship.

With some clever reverse psychology tactics, you’ll be able to push the right buttons to get him hot for you. Not only will you get him back, but you’ll actually have him chasing after you and begging to have you!

The use of reverse psychology is not mean to be a manipulative game or mind game that you play to get your ex back. Instead, the use of reverse psychology is intended to create intrigue as well as give off the right signals (which at the time may seen wrong) to win your ex back by doing the opposite of what he expects of you. This might sound confusing at first, but I’ll show you what I mean.

Using reverse psychology is not a unique concept. It has been applied in the fields of marketing, intervention, and with children. Getting your ex back is just another area for this winning concept to be used that will guarantee you success.

You should understand that reverse psychology is not a one-step solution. If you want to win your ex boyfriend back, you will have to take him through a few different steps that will culminate in him desiring you which in turn will have him come back to you.

The use of reverse psychology is successful because when done correctly, it’ll project you as a strong and confident woman which are extremely attractive qualities that will turn on your man.

There are a few principles at play that you will be working on when using reverse psychology.

  • Guys want what they can’t have
  • Guys like a chase
  • Guys are attracted to confident women
  • Guys find a woman more desirable when they see other men vying for that woman’s attention
  • Guys want what they can’t have

So what first step of reverse psychology do you need to take to win your ex back? If your still in the breakup phase, instead of pleading or begging with your ex to not take this step, which is what would be expected, you will agree amicably to the breakup and let him go. By letting your ex boyfriend go so easily, they’ll begin to wonder why. Instead of feeling like they have options, they’ll wonder if perhaps it’s them that is at fault. This will be your entry point into their mind, which is essential if you want to know how to get your ex back.

Now it’s time to go into phase two of the process of getting your ex back and making him want you. Regardless of who broke up with who, your ex will expect for you to be in some state of depression or regret over the end of your relationship. He’ll expect you to be sitting at home with your tub of ice cream, pining over him, and refusing to socialize with your friends.

Instead, even though you are upset about the breakup, the point of reverse psychology is to carry on with your daily life and act as if the breakup doesn’t even bother you. Hang out with your friends, especially male friends to get him jealous. Go to the gym, movies, etc. Just make sure that you’re seen socializing. Taking these steps will not only help you with your own mind frame about the breakup, but will get into his mind, showing him that no one is truly indispensable. This will move you up the ladder to getting your ex boyfriend back.

With reverse psychology you are guaranteed to get your ex back as long as you take the proper precautions and are smart with how to play out your moves. It’s important that you show that you can live without your ex, but that you don’t overdo it as this can then make them move on.


You can win your ex back; not only that, but you can have him want you and desire you just like the start of your relationship.

If you want to learn how to get your ex back, just click on the link. You’ll discover additional reverse psychology tips to help you. Not only that, but you’ll get detailed explanations on what to do and what not to do.

Additionally, you’ll learn some very common mistakes that other women in your situation have made in attempting to get their ex back such as:

  • Calling, texting and emailing him constantly
  • Making promises of changing yourself
  • Begging for another chance

You can see that these mistakes all put a woman in a position of weakness. It makes it seem as if your ex is indispensable and that you can’t live without them. This is definitely not the message you want to send to your ex, or to any guy.

You’ll learn of many other typical mistakes women make by visiting my site on how to get your ex back now!

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