How to Keep a Woman Interested In You

How to Keep a Woman Interested In You

The Rules of Attraction

A MAJOR MISTAKE THAT MEN MAKE is feeling insecure. They think that they must call and keep in touch with a woman at all times. Don’t do the same thing! Men that are unpredictable do something that is almost MAGIC. Think about the great women-magnets of the big screen, like the character of James Bond or Indiana Jones. What woman wouldn’t want to be with someone who appears one way on the outside, yet hides the rugged spontaneity of an adventurer beneath? These guys are never insecure! That’s because they lead an exciting life, and women have to grab hard if they want to hang on for the ride.

Let me put it simply: when a man understands how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION, then he doesn’t do things that are PREDICTABLE and women will tend to think about him ALL THE TIME.

Things that are predictable don’t require much thought. They’re uninteresting and boring.

You’re going to have to work at this. Being unpredictable, spontaenous, and interesting will take some thought. You’ll have to break old habits and take new risks. If you do, you’ll discover that women on adultfrienedfinder will be FASCINATED and INTRIGUED by you. Think about it. What makes a bad movie? Predictability. What makes a great movie? You have no clue what happens next, and the drama keeps you on the edge of your seat. Predictability and BORING-NESS go hand-in-hand with TURNING A WOMAN OFF and are the opposite of attraction.

Here are a few tips:

If you decide to call a woman the next day, be cool, but not too slick. Don’t try to set up another date immediately. Call just to say “Hi, how’s it going?” Have a short chat, then end the call before either of you can start feeling your attention wander. Sit back, relax, and be assured that for the next few days she’ll be thinking of you!

  1. If you decide to email, keep it short and upbeat.
  2. Never complain, be in a bad mood, or act like you need attention. Keep things cool, calm and upbeat.
  3. Let her miss you. This is very important. Think of it as a gift you are giving a woman! You are giving her the gift of excitement, which is what all women want in a man.
  4. Don’t see a woman more than twice a week for the first month.

Don’t focus too much energy on the relationship until you decide that you definitely want it to last long term. Don’t stop dating other women until you two are officially going out. When you focus too much time and energy on a woman you have just met, it may creep her out and make her run, even if you hit it off like a bang at the outset.

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