Internet Dating for Christian Singles

Internet Dating for Christian Singles

It’s a sign of the times — friendships, dating, romance, love, matchmaking, social networking, bible studies, ministries and even prayer groups are happening in cyber-space, and many people are discovering a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who share their beliefs and interests both inside and outside their local churches and communities.

Christian singles, in particular, are benefiting from this 21st century world, as they use faith-based online dating sites, and even general internet personal sites with a “Christian” search screener, to meet other single believers. These online personals sites are giving them hope that finding love and marriage is still a possibility, even when they’ve met everyone in their social and church circles and haven’t yet found the right relationship.

And all it takes is a quick browse through the fabulous Christian singles at any oft-frequented Christian online matchmaking site to see why. Here are a few of the more popular sites for you to browse through:,,,,,,, and ChristianHearts ( Be sure to try the free search feature and read some of the testimonials for inspiration! But first check out reviews of the top Christian dating sites and get the inside scoop first! (hyperlink to our Christian category)

ost of these Christian internet dating sites are made up of marriage-minded Christian singles who share Christian values and are looking for deep, intimate, caring, committed relationships. The majority of single Christian men and women using online dating services are looking to meet other single believers who have God in their hearts to share their faith, friendship and lives together that is usually not found on adultfrinendfinder. They are looking to find a partner and build a family and are trusting that God will bless them and help them find the right man or right woman, even if it’s in cyberspace. In fact, Christian dating sites are becoming something like cyber-church socials!

Getting started with online Christian dating is easy. Most Christian dating sites let you set up a free profile, post free photos and search Christian men and Christian women for free. So all you need to do is pick the site you’d like to start with, do a free search, and then when you find a man or a woman that you think may be a potential match, or someone you’d like to start a friendship with, you can subscribe for a membership to communicate using the dating site’s anonymous email service. Christian dating and relationship sites also offer many other ways to connect, socialize and share your faith online and off, including chat rooms, message boards, online games, inspirational groups, offline events and gatherings, ecards and more.

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