Internet Dating Rules

Internet Dating Rules

Another book I recently had a quick browse through is, “The Ultimate Man’s Guide to Internet Dating” by Howard Brain Edgar, Jr., and Howard Martin Edgar II.

In particular the section about internet dating rules is quite good. Instead of thinking about dating in a careless way, think about it strategically – change your mindset so successful dating becomes a mission and you have goals to meet!

The Ultimate Rules of Engagement [Internet Dating Rules]

At this point, you should know what you want and which Internet dating site besides adultfrinendfinder you’ll be searching from. You can search aggressively (send lots of emails), passively (wait for emails to come to you) or combine insistent and passive tactics. More on this later.

If you decide to take the hard-line, you’ll be the checking hundreds of profiles and sending out ‘feeler’ emails. An interesting subject line and a quick written message accompanied by your profile should usually do the trick

As we said earlier, you can use the customized search criteria you developed in Chapter 1, including:

  • age
  • astrological sign
  • height
  • body type
  • hair
  • eye color
  • profession
  • income
  • education
  • ethnic background
  • religious preferences
  • marital status
  • smoking/drinking
  • whether or not you want kids

You should also look at a woman’s online activity. and other sites, for example, tell you how long it’s been since a woman was last online. If her profile says she was seen two weeks ago or longer, she might have found someone else already. Your odds of getting a response from her are slim to none. But if she’s been online during the last 24 to 48 hours, she’s still actively looking. Keep that in mind when you start firing off emails to female prospects.

There’s some good dating rules here to follow: spend some time working on your ‘meeting goals’; decide on your search criteria, consider the dating activity of the person you are interested in.

If you begin corresponding with a woman but see that she is still actively searching online, you can be pretty much write off any chance of you may have had with her. Her online activity reveals that she is till looking for someone other than you. On the other hand, if you see that she’s been inactive for several days or weeks, she is likely to be interested in you to have suspended her search.

Check your spelling and learn the language of email. Learn what emoticons are and what they mean. Learn that BTW means ‘by the way’. Learn the difference between LOL (laughing out loud) and ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing), learn that ‘k’ means ok. And if you write in all capital letters, people will think you’re screaming at them. In this world consider the internet dating rules, email is one of your primary goals. Learn to use it wisely and well.

Don’t expect women to respond to quickly to your dating emails. If fact, with internet dating, don’t expect them to respond at all. Just know that some will respond some of the time. If the women are extremely attractive, expect to wait several days for a response. Remember these women may be getting hammered by hundreds of hits and dozens of emails everyday. Attractive women, who may get up to 1,000 hits or more a week, may respond to you in one to three days or more. Beyond a week or so, you can safely assume she’s overwhelmed by emails or not interested, especially if you see her online.

This snippet contains many useful tips (dating rules) for beginners and even some experienced internet daters.

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