Internet Dating Services

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Internet Dating Services

I’ve just read, “I Can’t Believe I’m buying this Book – A Common Sense Guide to Successful Internet Dating”, by Evan Marc Katz.

The book is very interesting, based on personal experience of using internet dating services. It’s also fairly cheap compared to some other ebooks and CD/DVDs that are available. I highly recommend it if you are seriously into internet dating.

Here’s snippet from the beginning.

I know you can’t believe you’re buying this book. It’s okay. I can’t believe I’m writing it. But, like many things in life, sometimes you choose to do something, and sometimes you find yourself chosen. Let’s just say that this book has chosen me as its author.

I’ve been on seven different internet dating services (Match, Matchmaker, JDate, Udate, Lavalife, Amercican Singles, and the Onion Personals), and the first three I joined on three separate occasions. I’ve corresponded with over two hundred and fifty different women and gone out with over seventy-five of them. Out of those seventy-five, I’d say I’ve actually dated ten women for approximately a month before the relationship fizzled. Finally, after four years of internet dating, I fell in love for the first time with a woman I met on the Internet. The relationship lasted seven wonderful months and opened up a whole new world of caring for me.

My point in calling up these raw numbers isn’t to draw attention to my inability to sustain a relationship (although it’s been noted, thank you, Mom), or to pat myself on the back for my own studliness (less noted by others, but thanks again) but rather to illustrate what a success and a boon Internet dating has been to my social life

This personal experience shows how long it can take to fall in love using different dating services on the Internet like for example login. For most, it will not happen overnight, in fact it may take a long time! But imagine the fun in meeting and dating all sorts of different people!

Ten years ago, no one would have thought that the best and easiest way to meet people would be through a computer. Well, guess what? It is. January 2002: eleven million people visited online dating websites. July 2002: eighteen million people used Internet Dating Services. December 2002: thirty-five million used the dating web-services (comScore Media Metrix, New York Times, June 30, 2003). That’s over 40 percent of all the single adults in America. And despite the perception that this is a young person’s medium, the top age group in terms of expansion is women, thirty-five to forty-four., followed by men, thirty-five to forty-four. The next biggest group? Men and women, forty-five to fifty-four (Yahoo, Inc., September 2002)

Well that’s blown some misconceptions about the popularity of Internet Dating Services: they are varied, cater for all ages – especially non-teenagers, and enormously fashionable.

I think internet dating can only get better and better with services improving all the. Consider meeting people in your local area, using web-cams to so see and hear the other members, speed-dating online and much, much more.

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