Is He A Keeper?

Is He A Keeper?

The dating world is one that raises a lot of questions. For people that are just going out, they have so many things on their mind it can be nauseating at times. What’s funny is the fact that there are actually more questions that they have in their heads, as opposed to those that they ask their date. When two people are going out, they are essentially on a pretty long interview. They want to know if this is a person they can actually spend the rest of their lives with, regardless if they are revealing this to their girlfriends or not.

Wondering if this man that you’ve been seeing is a keeper is a valid question that every woman should ask themselves. And even if you may be having fun, it can eventually turn into a waste of time. First, let’s get this out of the way. There is no such thing as a perfect man. Actually, if he existed, the world would probably explode. Granted, there are men who excel in every area of their life, they are still flawed in some way or another. The keeper is one that we want to marry, the one you didn’t met on adultfrienedfinder app and for all the right reasons, not just rushing into it. This is a process that takes a bit of time, so be prepared to stick it out for a full analysis of your man.

  • He will be ambitious.
  • He will treat you and your friends with respect.
  • He will show humility.
  • He will be understanding of your shortcomings or fears.

If he is a man who has these characteristics, he is definitely a keeper. There is the chance that he may be a little deficient in one area or two, but as earlier stated, there is no such thing as the perfect man. As long as he loves you, and he shows no signs of slowing down, he’s something that’s worthy of you devoting your heart and mind to. If not, it’s probably about time that you let him go, if you think that you both are coming to a plateau where he needs to either step up or step down.

Obviously, depending on the woman, there is the chance that the list will be a little different. Above all, if he exudes an aura of comfort, he will probably be a great match. What many women may not consider is that married women are those of which are very trusting of their husbands, and they feel as if everything is right in the world as long as they have their husbands. This is what makes marriage the institution that it is, a tradition that’s built up of people who are madly in love with each other. These people are so overcome with love that they had to make it legal, and they are enjoying their lives much more because of it. For the woman who is considering their boyfriend to be “The One,” she should keep this in mind when she’s considering taking it to the next level.

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