Mauser German bolt-action rifles

Mauser German bolt-action rifles

The Mauser M12 is a German bolt-action rifle that was introduced in 2012. It is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge and is built on the Mauser 98 action. The M12 has a detachable magazine with a capacity of 5 rounds. The M12 has an overall length of 44.5 inches (1130 mm) and a barrel length of 23.6 inches (600 mm). It weighs 9.3 pounds (4.2 kg).

The M12 is available in two versions: the Standard model and the Precision model. The Precision model features a match-grade barrel and a adjustable stock.

The M12 is intended for use as a precision rifle and is suitable for hunting and target shooting. It is also used by military and law enforcement units.

The M12 was introduced in 2012 and is currently produced by Mauser. It is not yet available in the United States.

The Mauser 18 is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by German arms manufacturer Mauser. It was introduced in 2018 at the IWA & OutdoorClassics trade fair. The Mauser 18 is based on the company’s earlier 9mm Luger Model 66 pistol, and features a number of improvements over that weapon. These include a more ergonomic grip, an improved trigger, and a higher capacity magazine. The gun is designed for both self-defense and target shooting, and is available in a variety of finishes including black, tan, and green. The Mauser 18 is a well-rounded pistol that should appeal to a wide range of shooters. It’s a great choice for self-defense, target shooting, or even plinking. The gun is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. It’s also backed by Mauser’s reputation for quality and customer service. If you’re looking for a semi-automatic pistol that offers excellent value for the money, the Mauser 18 is an excellent choice.

The Mauser 98 is a bolt-action rifle that was originally produced by German arms manufacturer Mauser from 1898 to 1935. The rifle was chambered for a variety of cartridges, but is most commonly associated with the 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge.

During World War I, the Mauser 98 rifles saw widespread use by German troops. In addition, many other countries adopted the rifle for their own armed forces, including Brazil, China, and Turkey.

Since its introduction, the Mauser 98 has been produced by numerous manufacturers and has been used in a wide variety of conflicts. It remains an popular hunting rifle to this day and is also used by competitive shooters.

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