Online Dating Bradford

Online Dating Bradford

I’m not aware of specific online dating website that caters specifically for Bradford, but there are many national ones that cover virtually all big and little cities in UK; and this city is certainly covered too.

Some details about Bradford: It’s a Metropolitan district in West Yorkshire. The population is less than 300,000. It became wealthy during the Industrial Revolution for its textile industry which goes back to the early twelfth century. Additionally, Yorkshire became world famous for its iron ore, coal and steam technology.

Interesting snippet: graduates from Bradford University have a greater chance of getting a job than grads from universities like as Manchester, Imperial College London Oxford – from figures in The Times Higher Education Supplement. Link:

If you know of any specific online dating Bradford sites please email me details and I’ll include them on this site.

Glasgow Dating Sites

Many popular and often larger internet dating sites are starting to develop particular sites that cater for particular inhabitants that belong to specific lands, cities, or possibly specific areas (for instance, Glasgow dating).

Take a moment to browse through tidbits I’ve encountered on the net about dating online:

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If your thinking about being serious about meeting members off the net, you may like to consider some of the varied and interesting info on this web site. And it’s all free – no charge unlike some sites!

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Below are some net links from websites about Glasgow dating:

Dating and picture rating for Glasgow. Upload your photos to the live chart, then flirt, send private and messages, play guess my age.

If you have any ideas about internet dating dont forget to email me!

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