Risks of Rebound Dating

Risks of Rebound Dating

‘Rebound dating’ is a relationship that begins immediately following the break up of a long-term relationship. Instead of fixing a broken heart, rebound relationships often cause more pain then they may relieve. As someone once said, “It’s like jumping from one moving train to another.”

If you are in a rebound dating relationship now or considering entering one, proceed with caution. The following advice may help:

Fools Rush In – Even though it’s natural to feel needy and vulnerable after a break-up, jumping into a relationship at adultfrinendfinder to solve your loneliness is never the answer – not only for you but for the other person, as well. Allow yourself time to grieve and heal before becoming emotionally involved again. Take the time to evaluate what went wrong with your previous relationship.

Listen to the Wise – A break-up can make you vulnerable to emotional or sexual manipulation by unsavory types. Friends and family can keep you centered during the healing process, but you need to be open and share your feelings, hopes and dreams before moving into a new rebound relationship.

Signs You’re in a Rebound Relationship

If you’re dating someone who has been out of their last relationship for less than a year, you may be dating a rebounder. More obvious are the words and behaviors that may show they’re stuck on their old love. Chances are good that your relationship will be short-lived, as the person heals and moves on.

A sure sign that a relationship is on the rebound is if your new partner seems somehow familiar to you. We often pick people to date who have similar traits with our old one partner – even if those traits are negative. Another indication is when you’re seeing him/her as your rescuer from your last bad relationship.

Rebound dating can cover up, block or repress a multitude of emotions that need to be addressed. Often blind to the evidence of their incompatibility, one thought holds them together: “Anyone is better than being along.” The danger comes when the truth begins to surface and abuse or hostility may arise.

If you decide that you still want to move ahead with someone in this stage, take it slow. Talk about your concerns and be prepared for the eventual end.

Avoid Rebounding

It is highly advised that widows or divorced individuals wait at least one year before beginning another committed relationship. Allow plenty of time to work through the shock, anger and despair that comes at the end of a relationship.

Take the time to soul search on how ready you are for another commitment. Many people have a series of bad relationships, not because they are perpetual victims or have a run of bad luck, but because they have not taken the time that they need to ground themselves and heal. This may be the time to make an honest accounting of your responsibility in past affairs of the heart. 

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