Sexual Psychology

Sexual Psychology

The second area you need to master is sexual psychology. The brain is the most powerful sex organ in the body and controls everything during sex. Control the mind and you control the body. Understand her mind and you control her body too. The importance of this area of sexual mastery I can not be over emphasize enough. The brain is such a powerful sex organ that we can all experiences orgasms through the cerebral cortex without any form of stimulation.

Examples of these happen when people are extremely aroused, through dreams or wet dreams and hypnosis. If you don’t master this key area you can understand all the techniques, sexual intercourse positions, erogenous zones,  female oral sex technique and 69 sex tricks! and you won’t be able to give woman on adultfriendrfinder the pleasures she truly craves. Because you won’t know what it is she truly craves. Or even how to install those cravings.

Mastering the female mind means for example you will understand the difference between what a women logically says she wants and what she unconsciously responds to and is aroused by, how to discover her fantasies and desires, how to make her comfortable and super horny during sex so she can start using best thrusting vibrator, how to make her comfortable acting out new and taboo fantasies, understanding the different needs of one women over another, how to install a desire in her for your fantasies and so on.

These are example of mastering the area of sexual psychology. We have a number of bisexual female instructors. They can teach you about female sexual psychology from both sides of the coin – from both being a woman and being with women. They understand lesbian sex strategies and the psychology of female orientation.  A solid understanding of basic skills, exercises, sexual techniques and sexual psychology is half the story. Now we need to talk about mastering your own mind which moves us onto the next core requirement.

Inner Beliefs

The third area you need to master is your inner beliefs, your inner thoughts and your inner mind. This is the voice inside your head that tells you your great one day and a mess the other.  This area must be mastered on a sexual level. You need to have a high level of internal belief about yourself, your abilities and about what women want.

Your inner beliefs help structure your character and how you project yourself externally. Without strong inner beliefs you’ll loose attraction with women, show weak character, turn women off, be unable to control when you orgasm, have inconsistent erection strength and struggle to maintain long term contented sexual relationships. Without solid inner beliefs you can develop issues around shyness, self-consciousness, guilt and so on. Through competence and an understanding of the other three core areas you will develop confidence and the correct inner beliefs will develop themselves. In more extreme cases there are other more advanced methods to help with your inner mind that we have used with outstanding results.

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