Some Internet Dating Statistics

Some Internet Dating Statistics

As you can guess, millions of people worldwide use various online ‘love’ sites daily, so internet dating statistics should tell an interesting picture. Here’s a few for starters:

  • Up to 30% of American singles have used matchmaking sites.
  • Women, on average, receive over 5 emails daily.
  • Around 40% of men say they don’t feel confident meeting women the first time.
  • The overall cost of personal sites has dropped over the last 2 years.
  • On the first date my women think men aren’t truthful.
  • Generally, guys prefer women younger than themselves.
  • Most people would prefer to be in a relationship than not.
  • Over a third of women don’t like guys being clingy.
  • Most girls say personality is much more important than looks.
  • Men, on average, receive only 1 or 2 emails daily
  • 60% of women prefer men older than themselves.

If you know of a site with up-to-date internet dating statistics please let me know! Especially, relative to success rates.

Your Internet Dating Stories Wanted!

Do you have an interesting story about meeting people off dating sites? Have you met a nice guy/girl and fell in love? From your personal experience do you believe it’s possible to fall in love with some-one from a Adultfrinendfinder dating website?

Tell us your personal dating stories and we will publish them on this site – The Internet Dating Guide!

Anything and everything goes, but please change original names, places and dates to ensure anonymity for all parties.

Flirty Text Messages…

Do you like sending flirty text messages? Here’s some:

I like you, but you like me more! You’re nice, too nice! I like bad girls!

Let’s not get engaged, not just yet!

You’re a cool girl, buy I’m a cooler guy!

You’re too small for me! But you can always stand on a stall

You love me! But I only like you!

I thought about you yesterday, or was it the day before?

If you buy me a meal and drinks, I might let you kiss me

Ok, ok, come round to my house, only for a little bit!

I get the impression you think about me a lot

Sorry, marriage is out of the question, at the moment

Source: Flirty Quotes

If you have any of your own, don’t forget to email us!

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