Swarovski optics has been around for over a century

Swarovski optics has been around for over a century

             Swarovski optics has been around for over a century, and it started with Swaroski’s father – Daniel Swarovski. He was the inventor of Swarovski Crystal, which is made in Austria. Swarovski optics focuses on optical products such as riflescopes/optical sights, binoculars & spotting scopes. They usually produce high quality products at a premium price. However Swarovski produces some lower end “budget” lines meant for hunters or shooters who need something functional but can’t afford one of their nicer models (a budget line would be equivalent to brands like Weaver).

The Swarovski Optik z8i binoculars have been on the market for a few years now, but are they worth their weight? If you are looking for a high-performance spotting scope that has every features you could ever want then swaro is not your best bet. If however, you are looking for an extremely well-built glass that will stand up to just about anything nature can throw at it, swaro is definitely worth some consideration.

                Swaro is perhaps best known for its EL range of binoculars, which are very popular among bird watchers and hunters. Swaro also produces some riflescopes, as well as spotting scopes, which Swaro is more known for among the hunting community. Swarovski optics are distributed by Swarovski North America, located in Newington , NH . Swarovski’s main rival is Zeiss (a very similar company), but they also compete with a few other brands such as Leica, Nikon & Canon. Swarovski optics can be purchased through any distribution channel including local shops & online retailers such as amazon .

Swaro EL Range of Binoculars: Swaro’s bread and butter is their range of high quality binoculars called “EL”. The EL stands for “electro-lux” and was first introduced over 25 years ago. Swaro claims that the “electro-lux” method was developed by Swarovski, but I’m not certain what exactly is Swaro’s electro-lux technology. Swarovski binoculars are extremely expensive no matter how you slice it, so Swaro obviously doesn’t produce budget lines except for maybe some models in their entry level “EL 20” series. The EL Swarovision line is perhaps Swaroski’s most popular line of optics, and they’ve been around for over a decade now. The Swarovision binoculars are meant for birders, hunters & wildlife watchers who want top notch optical performance at any price point .

Swarovison 8×42 EL Swarovision: Swarovski’s SwaroVision 8×42 EL is their best selling Swaro binocular, and it frequently tops the charts of optics experts such as “opticsalot” and “rangemaster7”. Swarovision series binoculars utilize Swaroski’s proprietary Swarobright lens coating that was first introduced in 2001 with Swarovision binoculars. The Swarobright technology increases light transmission by up to five percent (compared to the older Swaratwin lenses) while still keeping a high level of sharpness. A new feature added back in 2005 called Eye-POP allows for easier viewing of low light details or objects at varying distances. The Eye-POP feature also works on Swarovision’s Swarovision EL Swaro 20×60 and Swarovision Swarostar models. If you check out the Swarovision 8×42 EL binoculars on Amazon , Swaro will be one of the top rated optics there, with close to four stars (out of five) from over 25 customers. Most people that review Swarovski optics on Amazon tend to purchase a higher end or a budget line Swarovski product without much experience with their lower end products.

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