The Anthony Robins Guide To DATING

The Anthony Robins Guide To DATING

“We were chatting for around 20 minutes at first, trying to figure out what had happened, before he told me how it actually went down.”

I couldn’t help but feel surprised as I listened intently to everything that Simon explained was going on behind my back – or rather lack of safety online – and not only that, all the information stolen from AdultFriendFinder users which included 1.

4 million UK members! It turned out hackers managed to steal and publish a complete database of sex and swingers which included everything from sexual preferences and personal fantasies, explicit photos and even images of their naughty bits! He mentioned they were selling this information on the underground market dark web too.

“It seems we’ve got another case like Ashley Madison except much bigger as I’m really not sure what to do about it at the moment,” Simon continued. “Because your site has been hacked Brian, you can expect things to get pretty messy.”

I remember hearing those words ‘AdultFriendFinder hacked’ again in my ears as if it was some kind of dream that I needed to wake up from or surreal nightmare. The fact is that hackers had stolen data belonging to over 350 million users worldwide using malicious software

If you’re looking for a no-strings attached, purely sexual encounter or friends with benefits arrangement, then check out the site(Read more about adultfrinendfinder.).
Adult Friend Finder is one of the biggest adult dating sites around and offers an almost infinite number of ways to hook up with local singles. Whether you want a casual relationship or a more serious alliance, you can find it all on Adult Friend Finder .

AdultFriendFinder takes online dating to another level by offering its members opportunities to forget about being single and jump straight into flings. The website has been in existence since 1996 and as such has amassed 17 years worth of data as well as hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world(). In addition to providing an extensive list of features that allow its


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