Top 10 Myths About Women Most Men Believe

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Top 10 Myths About Women Most Men Believe

  1. Women only go for hot guys

No, no, no and no. In fact, how you look isn’t even in the TOP FIVE things that women look for when choosing a potential partner!!! Demand, value, confidence, fun factor and how you carry yourself are all more important!

  1. Women like it when a man throws himself at a women

This is one of the most common myths and it’s also the main reason you probably aren’t getting laid. Women HATE it when they get a date with a needy guy who does nothing but shower her with gifts, dinners, flowers on the first date and proclaiming he wants to spend the rest of his life with the women. On the first date!? Come on! This just shows to the women that you have absolutely no value, no demand, no choice. It shows you’ve scored a date and you don’t want to let her go. How can you decide on a life-partner on the FIRST DATE!? Think about it, but most of all, STOP DOING IT!!!

  1. Women love to be showered with compliments

Oh for gods sakes. How many times do you think a girl has out-of-demand, low-on-value, non-confident guys showering her with compliments and telling her how beautiful she is? Tell her something she doesn’t know. You’ll receive a big fat red tick in the “loser” column if you do this.

  1. Women only go for men who treat people like shit

Wrong. The reason you see women with jerks is because they share traits with the alpha male. Out of a choice between a jerk or an average frustrated chump, she will go for the jerk – he at least values himself, unlike your AFC ass. Read Big Q’s article on “Why jerks get all the hot women” to find out in detail about this.

  1. You have to be rich to date hot women

Again, wrong. In fact, most multi-millionaires are actually about as luckless in love as you are, despite their cash. The only women they can really attract are gold-diggers, which nobody wants. Don’t get me wrong however, their are rich guys who have game.

  1. Women only go for men they can control

Who told you that? A women? The truth is guys, women don’t know what they want. They will tell you one thing and go and do the complete opposite. It takes a brutally honest women to say what she REALLY wants in a guy. What women really want is a dominate man, someone who “controls” them, in fact, control isn’t even the right word here, don’t get me wrong, women aren’t robots and puppets, but then again NEITHER ARE YOU.

  1. The only place to meet women is in a club

It’s time to quit smoking weed. So you hear stories of guys who go to clubs and get one night stands, that doesn’t mean it’s the only place to meet women. In fact, if your looking for something more than a quick notch on your bedpost, it’s one of the worst places. Women are EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. Look at your daily routine – how many times do you bump into women? They can be seduced anywhere, anytime.

  1. Women don’t need sex as much as men do

Women on adultfrinendfinder love sex. Deep down, they are just as horny as us men are and once turned on CORRECTLY, a skill a lot of men just haven’t grasped yet, they take some stopping. Believe it or not, a high number of women both masturbate and watch porn. Women can’t be so open about it as they will get that dreaded “slut” label.

  1. It’s up to fate who I’ll date

I had a friend who had this mentality. He’s never had a girlfriend. I had another friend who had willpower, the desire to change and learn the skills needed to attract and seduce women. He’s dated many women and can pick and chooses who he has relationships with. Forget fate and get some game.

  1. I’ll never be able to get a hot woman

With that attitude, no you won’t. With the 100% FREE Crash Course In Seduction written by The Inner Circle and all your friends in the Seduction Community, you will be able to have all the hot women you DESERVE.

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