Try dating online with friends and make it a party

Try dating online with friends and make it a party

Join one or more dating sites or dating services with a good friend. You can hang out and have a dating party. For example, get a pizza and wine or beer and hang out to surf the web dating personals as you sit side by side on the couch with your laptops. Then you can share your adventure as it progresses and you start to find singles that float your boats and start dating guys or dating girls to your liking.

And if it works out, you can even double date for example on adultfrienedfinder! You can give each other reports and encourage each other to email people. And you can say “next” to your friend when it’s time to move on and vice versa. You can commiserate over bad dates and share your glee over the good ones. You can also share free online dating ads when you find people who aren’t for you but may be just right for your friend. Most online dating services come with a “send to a friend” feature.

Do something different.

Whether it be joining a new internet personals site, going on vacation to a new destination or dying your hair purple, get out of your head and out of your routine to shake things up. New people, places, activities or learning something new can put things in perspective, help you see things differently and help you get back to the real you so you can see what you truly want.

And if you can’t make a drastic move or go on vacation, do little things on a daily basis, like taking a half hour to go for a walk with no ipod or cell phone — just you and the world. Or strike up a little conversation with someone new, like at the grocery store, even if it’s just small talk. Or go for a bike ride.

Or read a chapter of a new book or an old favorite that moved or inspired you in the past. Or take a minute to write down something you’re grateful for each day. Or write down a memory of a time or place or person that inspired you — then commit to an action to get back to a similar place so that you can revive that same feeling in your current day to day life.

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