Why am I Lonely?

Why am I Lonely?

It is not rare that people ask themselves “why am I lonely“. It happens to the best of us, at some point of our lives. But instead of dwelling on that thought, here are some good ideas that you might want to explore, if you find that you often ask yourself that question:

Are you really lonely? 

Every one has a few friends, or people he can talk to: Relatives, parents, neighbors, fellow employees. Each of them could lend you an ear, and hear you out, if you have something on your mind. Try and look on the bright side of things. Think in accurate terms.

Ask yourself what are you doing to avoid being lonely

Are you shutting away from the world, or rather, actively trying to meet other people? As shown in this adultfrienedfinder app reviews there are many ways to meet new people: register to a course of your choice, find a hobby, go out more, exercise regularly in a gym ( this alone will improve your feeling )  , find partners through singles clubs, etc. So, be active! Make a list of a few ways that you can meet people today!

Sometimes it might be a good idea to seek advice from a therapist, who might be a social worker or a psychologist

If you find that you are becoming sad and worried about your loneliness, and such a mood affects your normal behavior, I would advise you seek professional help. The faster you do it, the better. There is no reason to go thorough such a situation alone, if there is efficient assistance available to treat it.

Why do women tend to depression twice more than men?

In fact Women tend to depression not just twice but much more than men. The reason is that man can achieve pleasure and find satisfaction in different types of games and toys like care, laptops etc. Women are searching for a much deeper satisfaction, a much delicate and essential pleasure. It is possible for a woman to find a temporal meaning in a simple thing but after a while, the burning desire will push her forward towards a much inner fulfillment. There is a huge debate today if a woman can find this fulfillment on her own or only through a man. I cant say that I know the answer, but I most of the happy and fulfilled women I met have done so through a successful relationship.

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