AFC – Average Frustrated Chump PUA – Pick-Up Artist…WTF?

AFC – Average Frustrated Chump PUA – Pick-Up Artist…WTF?

I don’t read the Internet discussion forums on pickup much anymore, but I was looking at one the other day and saw a theme repeated that bothered me.

It goes something like this:

“I’m a recovering AFC, how do I become a PUA?”


“I used to be an AFC, Now I want to be PUA”

Now normally I avoid using jargon like the plague, but for this to make sense I’m going to explain what these terms are (I promise you’ll never see me use them again, don’t YOU use them either)

AFC – Average Frustrated Chump PUA – Pick-Up Artist

The reason I bring this up at all is that by reading the forums it’s painfully obvious that these guys think you are either one type of man (Chump) or the other (PUA).

Bzzzt! WRONG thinking.

Let me set this straight now, the world does NOT consist of just two types of men AFC (no women) & PUA (all the women).

Instead there is a VAST spectrum of other guys, I like to refer to as “COOL GUYS WHO GET THE GIRL“!

First of all, this should be common sense. Look around you, there are a lot of guys who no one would ever call a “pickup artist” who hook up all the time on login.

You probably know some of them personally.

The don’t run “game”, they don’t use “routines”, they are just fun, chill, guys who are confident and comfortable around women. And these are the guys that women LOVE to be around.

They are just cool guys. They have WOMEN in their life, and they get laid. No big deal.

This is what my goal is for you. Because I KNOW every guy CAN be a cool guy with just a little bit of guidance.

And I also know that allowing yourself to be put into categories can hamper your progress with women

After all, if you are NOT a PUA (and who really wants to be a cheesy “PickUp Artist” anyway?) Then you MUST be and AFC by default.

Even worse, if you identify as an AFC then he must need to CHANGE to “become” a PUA.

Bad idea!

If you are not getting the success with women you want, CHANGE is NOT what will help you.

You need to GROWTH.

You need to become MORE of who you really are, so you can relax in your own skin.

When you are relaxed, confident around women, and fun to be with… You’ll have all the women you WANT in your life.

Cool guys get the girl.

I’ll tell you something else, it’s SIMPLE to be a cool guy.

Screw all the technical jargon based crap that guys focused on being a pickup artist get STUCK in!

Instead focus on the BASICS and as Daniel (PickUp 101 Instructor) likes to say “getting out of your own way”.

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