Beyond the First Date Ideas

Beyond the First Date Ideas

Now that the first date is out of the way – and possibly the second and third – where can you take your date to keep their interest and to help you to grow and learn even more about each other. Use a bit of imagination to bring some excitement into the relationship. Here’s a few ideas:

After the first sparks of a new relationship with the person you met at adultfrienedfinder wear off and you’re running out of ideas to help keep things moving along, use your imagination and remember:

  • Tastebud Treats
  • Venture Out
  • Pick a Theme
  • Learn Something
  • Surprise!

Probably the easiest ideas work around our tastebuds. You can get quite adventureous with gastronomical cuisines. Try an ethnic restaurant, the rib joint downtown or the new cafe around the corner. The key is to move out of your comfort zone and enjoy the experience and each other’s company. If funds are tight or you are tired of eating out, plan a meal together – choose an exotic or romantic menu. Shop, prepare, enjoy the food and great company together.

Beyond the first date, things can become adventurous but not necessarily risky like sky-diving. The thrill of doing something that is out of the ordinary can be a great way of sharing time with that special someone. Try and evening at the opera or a mystery dinner train; try a river cruise or go fishing. Check out your local newspaper together ahead of time for events that are happening nearby.

Theme dates can be great fun! Combine dinner and a movie using a theme like “Lost in the 50s Tonight” or “Ride ’em Cowboy”. If you live near an ethnic neighborhood, German, Italian, or China town; kick off your theme in one of their great restaurants. Men would particularly enjoy a sports theme like “Baseball Fever”. A “Hawaiian Paradise” might tickle her fancy. There is any number of imaginative ideas that you can do simply or go extravagant. If you don’t impress you’re date, you’ll at least be sure to have a good time.

Visiting a museum can be more than an educational experience. It’s a great way to get to know someone better, especially if you share a common interest. Consider visiting an art, science or history museum. Take a mini course of mutual interest like photography together at your local community college.

Almost everyone loves surprises – not the kind that make you jump out of your skin – but unexpected, sweet gestures. Get tickets for a favorite rock band. Plan a mystery night! Make the arrangements in advance and at the spur of the moment call to meet at a particular location and take it from there.

To keep the sparks flying and anticipation high beyond the exciting first date, take the time to thoughtfully plan your time together. And remember, no matter what you choose to do, relax and enjoy the company and keep it fun!

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