Ideas for Your First Date

Ideas for Your First Date

You’ve spent some time chatting online and now it’s time to take the big leap and finally meet in person. No matter how much time you spend getting ready for the big night, its all about location, location, location. But where should you go? Here are a few ideas for your first date.

Before deciding where to go on your first adultfrinendfinder date at, you need to agree on what kind of date you’re going on first. Many people are more comfortable paying their own way or going Dutch on the first ‘getting acquainted’ date. If you’re going to go on a more traditional date with the man picking up the tab, a moderately priced night out is appropriate.

There are several other things to consider before your first date:

  • Mutual interest – Don’t waste your time planning an evening out without checking with your date whether your choice is good for them.
  • Conversation or Entertainment – Is it a time to talk or just a chance to spend some time with another person?
  • Food Preferences – Don’t make the mistake and assume that what you like to eat will be the same for your date. Be considerate and make your choice known in advance.
  • Weather Outlook – The season of the year and the weather directly impact your choice. Look ahead at the weather report and alter your plans as needed. Be prepared!

We’ve included some ideas, including several suggestions that are FREE. Use your imagination and personalize the time so that you can make the most out of your first date.

Quiet Places to Relax and Chat

  • Visit a local jazz or blues bar where you can sit in a corner, undisturbed and get to know each other better.
  • A trip to the zoo can be a great place to talk. If conversation gets strained–you have the animals to talk about.
  • An art gallery or museum is another great place to meander through and spark up intelligent conversation.
  • A dinner date is often the typical first date. Just be sure you’ve agreed to particular type of food ahead of time. And make reservations ahead of time, if you’ve decided on an upscale establishment.
  • Outdoor activities such as a picnic, a walk on the beach or ice skating on a pond offer cost effective ways to get to know your date.

Places to Entertain Your Date

  • Going to the movies or the theater offers a topic for conversation afterward, but be careful when choosing the movie. Avoid anything sexually explicit or anything traumatic or scary. Comedies are usually a safe bet and can help you relax.
  • Comedy clubs can help break the ice by creating laughter and opening up your humorous side during conversation.
  • Theme parks offer a multitude of things to do. If you just want to enjoy being together, this is the place to go.
  • Check out your local paper for events or attractions in your area that may be of interest. Call in advance to make sure seats are available or order in advance.

Whatever you decide, remember that your date is just as nervous as you are and looking to have a good time. Relax and enjoy yourself!

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