Breaking Through Final Resistance

Breaking Through Final Resistance

It’s pretty rare that a girl who liked you enough to isolate herself with you will not have sex.

Still, sometimes a woman will put up some final resistance at the last moment when she realizes that if she doesn’t stop herself immediately, sex will be inevitable.

Most of the time, if the girl is putting up token verbal resistance like “This is moving too fast,” simply ignoring her and carrying forward or simply talking sexy with her in agreement will put to rest her objections. Her voice may say one thing, but her body says another and she proceeds to have sex with you.

Other times, you have to take a step back before you can take a step forward, giving her another round of foreplay before getting into her pants. If a girl gets horny enough, she will override all that programming telling her to stop.

Still, sometimes these basic tactics don’t work to get a girl on login comfortable enough to have sex with you.  In that case, you need to bring out the big guns.

Tactic 1: Get Her Hornier

One way of getting a woman horny enough to want sex is to VARY your foreplay until you hit upon what she likes most and what really turns her on.

Straight up tongue-to-tongue smooching and stroking a woman’s breasts might not get your particular woman horny enough. Different women like different strokes.

Some women get most turned on when you dry rub their vagina through their jeans. Other women love having the inside of their thighs stroked.

Other women have particular hot spots that when touched and kissed really drive them crazy. their neck, collar bone, small of their back, or even their wrists and inside of their forearms.

Some women go wild from dry humping.

Others like soft bites.

Other women get turned on by dirty talk.

Other women have a fantasy to be dominated, taken, and sexually ravished, surrendering themselves to a man’s power.

If she’s resisting, explode into a fervor of sexual passion, push her up against the wall, against the bed, tear off her clothes, and ravish her. If played right, the passion will be too overwhelming for her to want to stop. (Check out Blissnosis for more tips)

The point is to experiment. If the dry humping isn’t working, take a step back and try stroking her thighs or other parts of her body. Most likely, you’ll hit her “magic spot” soon or later which will melt away her resistance.

Tactic 2: Preemptively Allay her Fears

Sometimes, despite all of your efforts to turn a woman on, when it comes down to the moment of sex, a woman still shuts herself down mentally.

Don’t take it personally.

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