Using Body Language To Attract Women

Using Body Language To Attract Women

In this video, dating expert, David DeAngelo, explains the importance of using body language to attract women.

Status is very intimately connected to attraction. If you view yourself as a low status person or you let her be the high status one, you will instantly kill the attraction. Women like an alpha male, someone who can look after and take care of her.

David recommends that to raise the status of your body language, you look at and take note from those who have high status. Individuals such as corporate executives, wealthy people, famous people, will have high status body language.

Think about an Oscar party where all of the famous actors and actresses are on the red carpet having their picture taken. Some will be over the top, ‘look at me’ types, whereas others will look more humble, almost normal. However, they all give off a high status body language vibe.

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Female Body Language

This video is a continuation of ‘how to attract women’ where expert, Carlos Xuma talks about the benefits of understanding female body language, as presented at the 2011 Rochester, NY, webinar series on dating. Carlos explains that it is important that you must be the one leading the conversation.

If the girl feels like she is in control, leading and dictating the conversation she won’t feel as attracted to you. He also says if you are sitting back trying to read her body language, you’re reacting, not leading the conversation and Carlos stresses that is very dangerous.

Carlos also mentioned how important making eye contact is when a girl is looking at you and locking eyes will create an attraction. He also added a primary goal with women, is not to wait for attraction to happen but to create it.

After watching this clip, be sure to keep watching Carlos Xuma’s informative videos meeting girl’s techniques.

Stress In Marriage

Sex therapist Dr. Rose Hartzell, talks to Real Housewife star Alexis and reveals some great advice on how to overcome stress within a marriage. In this interview Dr. Rose discusses the effects of job losses, being over-worked, and the selling of property on your relationship with your spouse. Dr. Rose says job loss shouldn’t be what defines you as a person.

You need to channel the effects of change into different things such as helping the community or pursuing hobbies and not go to adultfrienedfinder app login. Dr. Rose also strongly recommends that if you do become down and depressed about something in life, it’s always important to seek help from family or friends. Don’t tackle this on your own, communication is vital to your happiness.

If you find you are over-working and your relationship starts to slack, set realistic goals to keep that emotional connection between the two of you alive. An easy goal would be to send quick, sexy emails or texts throughout the day to your partner, so even when you are working it lets them know thats they are on your mind and you are thinking about them just as much as you were when you first started dating.

If you are struggling to overcome stress in your marriage watch this mind blowing 5 minute video as Dr. Rose Hartzell lays the law.

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