DATING? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

DATING? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

As someone who has personally seen many relationships blossom from online dating (including my own), I am often asked what my preferred dating app is. After years of using all of the most popular ones — Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble — I’ve discovered that each type of app caters to a different type of person and offers something unique to those who choose it as their primary source for meeting new people.

A few years ago, I used Tinder the most and actually had a very fun experience going on a couple of first dates with interesting men. However, as time went on and my lifestyle changed to focus more on work, I found myself becoming less and less active on the app since it didn’t match up to many other apps’ features. Eventually, even though there were still some guys who peaked my interest from time to time, I wasn’t able to find enough potential matches in my area through Tinder who also seemed appealing enough for me to take the next step with (more detailed information about this topic can be found under Section 4: The Verdict). With that said, here are three reasons why I like Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) better than Tinder.

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  1. CMB requires Facebook authentication .

There are many dating apps out there which bring together people who would never have met otherwise. Some of these services focus more on connections between people with matching personalities or specific interests through a questionnaire process, whereas others rely on individuals’ having broad range of overlapping attributes such as age, location, education level, etc., which can create a larger pool of potential matches. CMB takes a unique approach to this by allowing users to decide each day which five guys they want to be matched up with (i.e., receive their “bagels”). This means that you can like someone, but not dislike anyone that day, and vice versa; if your bagel’s preferences don’t match up with yours, then you won’t get matched together()(

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