Guaranteed No Stress DATING

Guaranteed No Stress DATING

This app also asks for Facebook authentication in order to offer its users the best service possible since it is able to connect people who are already friends or are friends-of-friends on Facebook. This feature helps increase trust between CMB members as well as keeping the app exclusive by preventing random people from spamming other profiles unless they have already had some form of contact through another avenue.

  1. CMB offers “double matching” .

Coffee Meets Bagel allows you to choose one potential match at a time, but also gives you the option of receiving two matches per day when you pay for their premium service (i.e., by using your credit card details). This feature comes in handy when someone catches your interest and if there is a mutual connection between these two people, they automatically become a pair of sorts which can help make chatting more enjoyable. Instead of simply waiting for that person to respond to your message, it will give you an excuse to chat within that same time frame with your second bagel as well before midnight strikes, which makes this app especially useful if your preference is to meet up with someone within the same day.

  1. CMB gives more details about potential matches .

When I first logged in, one of my biggest concerns was getting bombarded by messages from random members who hadn’t even looked at my profile closely enough to know what kind of person I am or what interests me(Read more about adultfrinendfinder.).
With Tinder, you are only able to see a user’s photos and age before swiping right or left on their profile, whereas with CMB it will show you your potential match’s username, age, job title, education level (i.e., high school graduate vs. university), height/weight ratio (i.e., athletic vs overweight) as well as ethnic background using pre-set options (i.e., African American vs. Caucasian)(

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