Dating Women – Hmmm!

Dating Women – Hmmm!

Fed up with dating women and getting nowhere fast? Here’s a tip. Why don’t you guys start dating men instead? You seen to know what’s important in a relationship, so perhaps you should be sharing your love and expectations with each other? Ha ha lol, I’m just kidding!

Woman! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them, so how do we woo them? Even the most confident of men tend to pole vault over mouse poop when it comes to dating women. Complicating simple issues like romancing, dinner dates, blind dates, and basically ruining the rendezvous by making some daft and totally unnecessary decisions. So what’s the secret behind successfully dating women or is it just that men in general haven’t got a clue how to go about it no matter what tips and information they have before hand?

Quite often the guy will blame anyone and everyone but himself when a date goes wrong, but that’s a man thing. It’s called ego! Most men will deny it, but the bottom line is all too many of us are egomaniacs with inferiority complexes when it comes to romancing women. Whoops! how did that word ‘romancing’ slip in there? Ok, so it was deliberate, but for good reason. The simple key, the primary ingredient to a successful date is the same today as it was in our parents and grandparents generation, and that is women just love a little splash of romance on any date.

Dating Women & Romance. Is it still in vogue?

Guys, no matter whether you’re dating older women, dating Asian women, or those from your own ethnic and age groups, the biggest turn on for any woman of any age, whatever here cultural background or religious beliefs, is ROMANCE. Despite the women’s movement, girl power (whatever the heck that is!), career climbing executives, or female boxers, wrestlers, and footballers, a woman is still a woman, and she likes nothing more than to be wined and dined in a romantic setting while at the same time being showered with a few carefully chosen complements and perhaps a small gift to show a little appreciation from here date.

Here’s a fact for you. Women generally have much bigger mouths than men. Ever wondered why? It’s simple. Our lovely ladies love to talk. It’s the same the world over. They have been built to dominate conversations. They are the queens of gossip. Now we blokes generally have bigger ears than women. Get the picture? That’s right – we’re supposed to listen to the ladies. Successfully dating women is all about paying attention to what our lady is saying. If she finds herself listening to you for most of the date, it will most probably be your first and last rendezvous with this one.

Guys, the time has come to STOP trying to impress the ladies, cus they ain’t impressed any more! They don’t want to know about your recent achievements, or about your long term ambitions, let alone your material possessions. Modern gals don’t need us for any of that stuff any more. Leave your egos at home, and bring out your caring considerate effeminate side with you on that first date. Speak when spoken to, or ask questions about her and her life! It all sounds a bit odd fellas I know, but this is the future of successful dating. It’s either that or get left on the shelf!

Dating Women and the Well Groomed Man

Yes we live in a world where men have got in touch with their feminine side, and we’re certainly better turned out than the generations before us, but that said, a lot of guys go too casual on he casual to the point where it looks like they haven’t made and effort. If you’re to have any chance of pairing up again with your date, just remember that there are no second chances to make that first impression. Make sure you shower, shave and use a little cologne but without going overboard. Women look at fingernails and footwear and are notorious for writing a first date off on these things alone.

We still live in a world of men seeking women for example with adultfrienedfinder app, and the hunt has yet to become more equal. More often than not most men prefer dating a younger woman than those older than them. Older married women dating younger men is becoming a little problematic in toady’s society and when such women are on the prowl, dating tips and advice are unimportant as it’s rarely romance and woo that these types are looking for. Avoid them like the plague as dating married women always ends in tears and often the lustful young stud has to make a trip to the out-patience to get patched up.

Single men seeking single women is the best way forward if it’s a long term relationship you’re after. Singles dating online is perhaps the best tools for setting yourself up with a string of dates without having to creep around the pubs and clubs competing with the world and his brother.

Dating Women of the Twenty First Century is easy-peazy so long as you keep it simple, scrub up, be yourself, and listen to the lady.

What’s Wrong With the Picture – Submitted by Anonymous

For the men of previous generations, dating women was no big shakes. Both men and women had their own unique roles in life and everyone knew how to behave. Not so in today’s world where some women are more like men than men are, and modern man replaces machismo with makeup.

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