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Free Dating Online is a great free dating online site that allows you to join even if you don’t have a credit card.

The responders to our survey said that was easy to learn and navigate and allows you to chat with a prospective date in realtime. Initial surfing is free of course, but we found that this fun free dating online site was both very popular, AND easy to use. They are working hard to expand into cutting edge technologies, like audio and video messaging and currently boast private and public photo galleries that you pick and choose who sees what. is simply a hottie!!!! is a really busy site that boasts 1.2 million members and an average of 13,000 new members each week. Wow!

We were told, via our survey, that when it comes to free dating online, has one of the coolest features around similar to Adultfrienedfinder. Get this: when you decided to become a member you get a Cupid’s Intro. What is a Cupid’s Intro? It is where every new member, after signing on, get a nice e-mail introduction sent to every person that matches the new person’s preferences. Wow!

It’s like going to a party and having the hostess walk you around and personally introduce you to every new friend that you would like to meet! You are noticed right away and you may get some e-mails back from someone noticing you. The neat thing about this is, you don’t have to answer, if you don’t want to. You simply get a nice bunch of e-mail from friendly people who trying to get to know you. It’s having a bunch of nice people show up at your house and say, “Let’s party!”  NO PRESSURE! Just a friendly way of getting your foot in the door! Now that’s really cool for a free dating online site! is a free dating online service with a heart. Not only is there is heart in the website logo, but the respondents to our survey said that this site has real “heart”.

There is an overall feeling of being inviting and friendly when you surf this free dating online site. “Come as you are! You are welcome here!” is how one person who was surveyed described this site! How thoughtful! Pictures of real couples who met and fell in love on are figured prominently on the first page which tell us that the hearts behind are enamored with the idea of making people happy and seeing people come together.

How divine!  For more details of all the goodies that come from  surfing, you gotta go and check’em out! was so happily presented to us during this survey, that we wonder if it shouldn’t have been named is a  sweetheart of a free online dating service site! is a unique free online dating service because they offer 24 hour live support, 50/50 split between men and women, and their exclusive “Virtual Dating” where people get to know one another in special dating rooms based on their preferences.

That last item alone is worth going to check out And of course, they have real time chat, text or voice, your choice. And a bunch of other neat features. They also do a really good job of properly placing members in the categories that THEY want to be in. In orter words if all you are looking for is a friendly companionship you do not want to get a bunch of e-mail from people who are seeking red hot love! On the other hand, if you are revved up and ready to go the last thing you want is a bunch of e-mails from people you just want to be “friends.”, according to our survey, does a very fine job of placing members where THEY want to be. Now that’s cool! Get what YOU want at free dating online service. has been growing at a really fast rate! 2 out of 3 online dating surveyed recognized the name and it currently has about a 4 million members!

The two main things reported to us during our survey were comments like ” I saw an awful lot of fresh faces” and  “I really liked the way they did my free profile.”  What most don’t know about is that this site is a member of the Relationship Exchange is which allows members of access to a whopper database of millions of online dating members. You got to go to to read more about this and the success stories of free dating online services that are members of the Relationship Exchange. If you are looking for fresh faces it’s a sure bet that will be one of your favorite free dating online service

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