Premium Internet Dating Service

Premium Internet Dating Service

Please note: We list these sites a good example of what constitutes a premium internet dating service because of all of special features and loaded services they provide to the online dating community. Most offer a free trial.

Happy Love Hunting! was the first dating service on the web, founded in 1996. More than 20 million people are actively using this premium internet dating service, and over 60 million people have registered.

What is unique about Adultfrienedfinder is that it has evolved into 15 different dating service communities. This dating service is truly international in its scope, boasting websites in 10 languages making it possible to connect with someone across the globe. We could go on here for hours about what offers (dozens of chats rooms, special pictorial screening rooms, etc.) but why not go and see for yourself? You will NOT be disappointed!

Happy Love Hunting! is considered one of a kind because, their philosophy toward correctly matching people to promote the most fulfilling dating service experience, is based upon scientifically proven compatibility matching.

The founder of, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, has conducted research to discover the 29 dimensions that determine long-term success in a romance relationship. is deeply committed to promoting the concept of quality before quantity in the dating experience. Sure is busting with loaded features, but more than anything else, their heartfelt vision is to see this internet dating service bring couples together in such a way that is truly meaningful and enriching.

More marriages have come form this internet dating service site than any other site on the web! Dr. Warren is so committed to making a believer out of you that he will willing to give you your money back, RISK FREE, if you are not delighted with a harmonious outcome of joining! What in the world do you have to lose? At least go and take the free profile to find out more about yourself!

Happy Love Hunting!, according to our survey, is one of the most innovative, and cutting edge dating service on the Net. is truly a great deal more than a mere internet dating service. offers Match Travel which offer reasonably priced travel packages to meet singles, and Match Events which are planned to bring together their members and other services such as Speedmatching and Mobile which allows its members to connect anonymously by cell phone. There is so much more that we could tell you about but we simply must insist upon you going and checking on this really cool, cutting edge, internet dating service. What in the world do you have to lose? A few bucks?

Happy Love Hunting!

Yahoo! Personals is the mega-internet dating service of the Internet’s largest mega-search engine

All of the powerful, useful tools that has made so prominent on the internet is translated into this outstanding internet dating service.  The strong brand name of Yahoo has made its branch of its internet dating service, Yahoo! Personals, a household word, too! NO WONDER! Just like offers  loads of help with tips on your e-mails, like ideas of what to say in an e-mail, making the most of your pictures, encouraging and informative articles, and loads of other features, and lest we forget, millions of possible dates and friendships from this MEGA internet dating service. You gotta go and check out Yahoo! Personals

Happy Love Hunting! is a part of a enormous global network of dating services headed by MatchNet, plc.

The results of our survey indicated that was outstanding in its performance in account management such as tools for keeping good records of who and when you e-mailed people to avoid screw ups later, ease in changing your profile, verification of sent e-mail, how to customize your internet dating service profile, spam blockers and strict protection of your privacy. We could go on and on, but you have got to go and look at to believe it yourself!

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