French Kissing Techniques

French Kissing Techniques

I don’t know how many people who are seeking teen dating advice ask me how to kiss, particularly how to french kiss properly so I decided that it would be appropriate to write a few tips on kissing. Let’s face it, kissing can be a very enjoyable activity on its own and can also be used as a precursor for building up to passion that leads to other activities. Here are a few tips to help make sure that things go well!

  1. Make sure your lips are moist and smooth. You can do this by using your tongue to gently brush over your lips
    • It’s also a good idea to regularly drink water as this will ensure that your lips don’t get dry and cracked
    • You may also want to use chap stick/lip balm to keep your lips smooth. As an added bonus, you can get a flavored chap stick that’s sure to get your partner wanting to keep locking lips
  2. One of the biggest turn offs is bad breath, so make sure yours is minty fresh!
  3. Relax! No need to be nervous!
  4. Now you’ll want to angle your head slightly so that you don’t end up doing an eskimo kiss by bumping noses
    • Typically the initiator angles to the right though it doesn’t really matter. Just choose a direction that you feel more comfortable with
    • If you are the one being kissed, you’ll want to make sure to angle your head slightly to the opposite direction of the person initiating the kiss
  5. As you slightly move in for the kiss, with your head angled, initially keep your eyes open and look into your partner’s eyes
    • Once you lock lips, it’s a good idea to close your eyes. Most people don’t like being stared at while kissing
  6. With your lips touching, gently part your lips and then softly nudge the your partner’s mouth open using your tongue
    • If your partner pulls away or doesn’t seem to respond to your tongue then you will want to stay to open mouthed kissing with no tongue for this session
  7. If you are this step then hopefully you’re reading the signs correctly and your partner is into the kiss. Open your mouth a bit more and gently push your tongue in your partner’s mouth and playfully touch their tongue with yours.
  8. At this stage, with your tongue gently rolling around your partner’s tongue, it’s a good idea to start using your hands. Start at the hips and move up.  If you are a guy you may want to give a gentle squeeze to her sides (right below the breasts and to the sides), play with her hair or hold her face. As a female, you may want to gently massage the guys thigh or squeeze the lower sides.
  9. Remember to read body language! If at any time your partner starts to pull away during this process, then slow it down. You may even want to take a break and let your partner be the initiator. Good kissing requires give-and-take. On the other hand, if you hear a soft moan or your partner responds with greater intensity to what you are doing, then make sure to take note as that is something that your partner enjoys.

Now that I’ve given you some a basic idea to technique for proper kissing with the girl you met on adultfrienedfinder, you should keep reading to get additional teen dating advice tips to ensure that your kiss is the best it can be.

  • Feel free to mix it up so that you don’t become predictable and boring. Keep it fresh by being spontaneous and trying new things. Add some variety by kissing deeper or by pay attention to the lips. Changing the pace of the kisses can be a great way of adding some flavor too.
  • Try and pay attention to the way the other person is kissing you and try mirroring it. For example does your partner nibble on your lips? If so, then why don’t you reciprocate with the same move. There’s a good chance that if they are doing a particular move to you that your partner will enjoy it back.
  • Don’t rush the kiss. Make sure you have some long, deep, and slow kisses. This will really help to build the passion!
  • Be open with each other and talk about it after. Open communication is the best way to make sure that your needs are satisfied. If you particularly enjoyed a certain aspect of the kiss, let your partner know as it’s sure to make them feel good. If there is something you don’t like, then don’t be afraid to let the person know. Just make sure to do it in a delicate way and do make sure to compliment them. Remember, the point isn’t to hurt their feelings, but to help them improve so as to make sure you get the most enjoyment as possible.

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