Romantic Text Messages – What’s the Point?

Romantic Text Messages – What’s the Point?

So I’ve noticed a ton of sites springing up with lots of ideas on romantic text messages for your wife/husband/partner, a lot of which are cute romantic quotes in text form. And I think that’s a cool idea, but it got me thinking – can we really use texts to make romantic gestures, or bring us closer to our partners, or is it a dumb idea?

So are texts functional or potentially sexy?

I mean, are texts seen for the most part by people as something that’s just a matter-of-fact thing like “I’ll be home late”, “Pick little Timmy up from practice”, “Get potato chips”, etc, that we don’t necessarily take on board? If you received a romantic text message from your partner, something simple like “Was just thinking how lucky I am to have you. Love you lots, see you later, xxx”, are we so conditioned with text messages to just read that and think, “Oh, ok”, close text, phone back in pocket, back to what we were doing?

Or can romantic text messages literally have the power to stop your partner in their tracks and think,”Wow that’s awesome”, and put you back in their thoughts for the rest of the day?

So romantic text messages seem to be ‘in’, and I am always looking for ways to be cool and down with the cool kids, etc so let’s look into this romantic text message shebang…

Romantic Text Messages: Types

So in what circumstances would using romantic text messages be a great idea? Let’s don our thinking caps here:

  • You want to remind them they are awesome
  • You want to remind them YOU are awesome
  • You want to make up after some dumb argument
  • You want to get them looking forward to your date later
  • You want to get them in the mood 

Romantic Text Messages: My Ideas, then add your own!

I guess romantic text messages need to sound like you are the one saying them, unless you are going to use a romantic quote, so here are a few ideas of mine for each of those circumstances, but obviously don’t steal my “Wear those leather hotpants” text message idea, if your wife/husband doesn’t own a pair  The romantic text messages should be short and snappy like shown in this adultfrienedfinder app review, but sum up how you’re feeling – don’t labour the point over 4 messages and add a bibliography!

  • To remind them they are awesome – “Just caught myself daydreaming about you – love you so much”.
  • To remind them you are awesome – “What are the chances that two people so great and sexy could meet and fall in love? High 5!”.
  • To make up after some dumb argument – “I have bad days, you have bad days. I hate arguing. Make-up text kiss? xx”, “Why do we argue about stupid stuff? Let’s hug it out later…”.
  • To build excitement for your date later – “Your body + my body + sofa + movie + wine = Bliss. See you later alligator”.
  • To get them in the mood – “Looking forward to showing you later how hot and bothered you’re making me today just by being in my head  ”.

So if you think using romantic text messages could be the way forward for you and your relationship

give it a go – with the right words, in your own voice, they really have the power to convey something romantic to your partner even when you are not physically there to say or do anything. And let me know what kind of romantic text messages you’ve been sending below!

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