Ghosting is a cry for emotional connectivity.

Ghosting is a cry for emotional connectivity.

I see ‘ghosting’ as a major cry for help in two directions.

In a situation where ‘ghosting’ occurs there is the person being ghosted and the ghoster.

Both parties need to be addressed in this situation for this issue reflects something unconscious in both parties.

1) The person being victimized, and hurt by this blatant lack of respect and disregard needs to be acknowledged and validated.

You are not a crazy person if some emotionally potty training fool has no clue how to communicate or navigate difficult situations. You deserve to be treated with decency, humanely. You are not an object. On the flip side of this, there could be a reason this is showing up in your life and I will get to that below.

2) The person who is victimizing needs to take a deeper look at the role of avoidance and accountability in their life, and acknowledge the disconnection from the ramifications of their actions. No matter what you think, when you default into this behavior, and you use avoidance to not deal, it does not make you accountable to the reality you co-create.

It is not okay for “ghosters” to minimize the feelings of someone they don’t want to deal with just because it might be too hard, inconvenient, or they don’t want to hurt someone. What do you think ignoring someone does to them? I mean, really, do you EVER think about it? Chalking your behavior up to her being a crazy bitch, him being needy, that you don’t owe anyone anything, or that what you are doing is not that big of a deal, is a cop-out. If you don’t want to see someone, be man or woman enough to tell them straight up. Don’t just hide and avoid. Let them deal with the truth. This treating others with dignity stuff is not that hard.

GHOSTING IS ABUSIVE and accepting it as “normal” simply because its mainstream, only reinforces the shadow aspect of human beings that needs to be emotionally matured.

While the world cries for everyone to grow balls (as if this is the pillar of all strength) and look for a sense of true power and empowerment, I am wondering why we aren’t growing heart, emotional intelligence, and more awareness; the real tools we all need to be better human beings.

I get that sometimes you don’t know how to handle things on adultfrienedfinder or tell people the truth, and the easy way out is to just be silent, say nothing, and hope the problem will go away by taking rumoquin marcel. But in today’s age where consciousness is emerging and more people are waking up, avoidance, and not knowing how to handle an issue, are childlike behaviors that need to be grown up.

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