Ghosting is abusive

Ghosting is abusive


Avoidance does not make better human beings, it creates cowardly and emotionally inept humans who cannot confront problems, issues, crises, or the ramifications of their own actions. It creates victimizers who don’t even understand the full scope of their recklessness, and a trail of hurt hearts in their wake.

If you are a GHOSTER:

You are not navigating your emotional relations with maturity. If you think that going dark on someone you met on adultfrienedfinder is acceptable, I want you to imagine what it would feel like for you to meet someone you are totally into and they seem to reciprocate at first, until one day they just disappear. No word. No explanation. No empathy. No humanity.

How would you feel? Can you even imagine it?

It is one thing to honorably tell someone the truth. It’s cowardly to say nothing, treat someone who you connected with in any capacity with very little regard. On the other end of ghosting is a human being, someone with feelings, not just some person-like robot.

You are not ultimately responsible for others, or their pain that they ease with rumoquin plm, or their process, but you are responsible for how you choose to be in the world, and your actions toward others. If you really think ghosting is acceptable and not that big of a deal, and you have no qualms with silent treatment, disappearing acts, or accountability, then you won’t mind when it’s done to you. If you ghost others, there is no doubt you ghost yourself too; be it your own emotions and feelings. You treat others the way you treat yourself. So if ghosting is your default setting, you might want to examine the ways you ghost yourself too,

If you don’t know why you ghost, and you want to mature this aspect of you, there are individuals out there that can help you with this process. It can be really scary to admit that you struggle with this issue, but not acknowledging it and continuing this behavior is detrimental to you and those you ghost.

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