Heart Healing Guided Meditations

Heart Healing Guided Meditations

In my search to accelerate personal and relationship growth for clients, I have been sampling guided-visualization CDs and MP3s. I have probably tested at least 30 different guided meditation CDs and have finally come up with a list of five that I highly recommend to anyone trying to patch up a difficult relationship or working on attracting “the one.”

Below is a list of the CDs, and coaching on how I suggest you use each one. If you are searching for a way to heal your heart and improve your relationship and love life, I suggest you give these a try. I think you will find them enormously helpful.

1. Guided meditation CD to erase bad memories and rewrite your past: this CD will, over time, help you literally erase bad memories and rewrite your past. I suggest you use this meditation to deal with painful childhood memories that may be affecting your adult relationships. If you are not sure which memories are affecting you or which memories to work on, get this short, self-study e-class to flesh out that information, then go through this guided meditation about 10 times. Use tracks 1 through 4 of this CD for this specific purpose. The combination could literally heal your heart.

2. Guided meditation CD to heal negative self-talk: this CD, when used over time, will heal any negative self-talk or negative views of yourself. The meditation is very subtle, but very powerful, increasing in effect over time.

3. Guided meditation CD to help you overcome negative beliefs: use this CD after you have used the CD’s above and/or if you already know what beliefs hold you back and need to be changed. This meditation will help you seed new, more positive and helpful beliefs deep into your subconscious so that you can see them bloom in your life. New beliefs equal less heartache and more healing.

4. Guided meditation CD to help you grow healthy relationship skills: this CD is great for a person currently experiencing relationship conflict with a partner or ex-partner she met with the help of adultfrienedfinder app and wanting to grow healthy relationship skills. Tracks 1 through 4 will help you look at the conflict from different perspectives and come up with alternative ways of interacting with the other person. Tracks 5 through 8 are great at starting to instill healthy relationship behavior that will help you avoid heartache in the future. You will become more relationally intelligent as a result of listening.

5. Guided meditation CD to help you experience your ideal relationship now: I can not say enough about this particular guided mediation CD. It is truly amazing. The guided meditation actually leads you through visualizing and experiencing your healthy, wonderful, ideal relationship. You will experience being transported into the future, where you already have the love you want. This guided meditation is very powerful, very soothing and perfect for practicing the Law of Attraction for your relationship.

In combination, these five guided meditation CDs can be powerful aids for healing your heart and transforming your relationships. I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with relationship issues.

If you find you need support in how to use these meditations to help accelerate your relationship growth, or you would like to be personally guided on how to deeply transform your relationship life so that you can finally have the love you want, I will be glad to support you as your coach.

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