Relationship Advice For Men

Relationship Advice For Men

Best Relationship Advice for Men

It is so easy to get confused about good relationship advice for men. It’s either important to be confident and unkind, or sweet and sensitive. Men can be so confused about what women really do want. I would suggest, that unlike the movie, you do not get electrocuted to see if you can listen to women’s thoughts.That’s flat out dangerous and dumb. It’s easier to talk to any girl friends you may have, or just follow along for great ideas.

First of all, it is very important to actually listen to your partner! If they want to talk about their latest shopping trip or arguments with their friends, listen but in moderation. If they want you to get involved with an argument with their friends, gently remind them that they are not your friends and you are invested them, not arguments with their friends. Your partner will know if you are not being honest and sincere with your listening. If you want a relationship to work, you need to be invested. Invest your time in your partner, just like you would invest your time in learning a new skill, or something you really love to do. Great relationships flourish this way.

Second, communication is very important. Listening and talking to your partner is a great way to keep a relationship going. Talk about everything, from new movies, to hobbies and goals and so much more. Conflict can be very healthy, if handled correctly. It is not always important for you to be the macho man and win, sometimes it is important and healthy to let your partner win! Compromise is key.

Do not let an argument get to a screaming or physical level. Keep the conflict calm. It is also very important to try new things as a couple! If you love sports, but your partner does not, try to get them involved! Take your partner to a game, make it fun for them. Or if your partner enjoys pottery, but you do not, try a pottery class with them, you just might be surprised. Also, a very important thing to remember is that being faithful in your relationship is very important. If your relationship does not have trust, you do not have a relationship.

Do not give your partner any reason not to trust you, and do not allow your partner to give you a reason to doubt their trust either. This comes back to communication, which is very important for a relationship!  The best relationship advice for men is to be honest, communicate, and invest in your relationship.

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