How to Create Your Own Entourage

How to Create Your Own Entourage

According to the meaning of the word Entourage is a group of attendants or associates, as of a person of rank or importance. In other words I am talking about companions or colleagues who are around to meet your needs and among all your companions you are the person of higher importance. It’s your entourage.

Do you deserve an entourage?

Now before you start learning to create your entourage you need to pass a test to determine whether you deserve to have your own entourage. Here it goes, the first question, is your quality of life going to be affected if you pick up the next sixty checks?

Does the concept of success mean more to you than the concept of loyalty?

Do you feel the need to hide details of your personal life and, if not, are you averse to the idea of being relentlessly heckled for not sharing every detail of your personal life?

Do you believe that John, Paul, George or Ringo did anything in their post-Beatles careers that came near anything in their Beatles careers?

Do you prefer Charlie Chaplin to the Marx Brothers?

Is one head better than four or five?

Are you uncomfortable being a referee in situations where two of your closest friends both call “shotgun” at the same time?

Do you think the fact that your friend saw her first is a good reason not to pursue a breathtaking woman who seems a perfect match for you?

Are you uncomfortable around germs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you might want to reconsider your desire to form an entourage. But if answered “no” to all of these, then congratulations- you are walking in the right path of life. And of course if you had one of your boys to answer these questions for you, then you are definitely in.

Who is in your Entourage?

In my definition of an entourage, it is a finite thing. It has limits in the number; everyone sees who is a part of your entourage and who isn’t a part of it. This list is fixed, with rare exceptions. Once in a while you might get an outsider who believes he is part of your entourage but actually isn’t. Just let him believe what he wants to believe but don’t invite him to anything that involves you and the rest of your posse. Once you have established who is in and who isn’t, you have the task of understanding the role of each member of your group. I am assuming here that you are the leader of the group; it would be embarrassing if you assumed you are the leader but you actually weren’t. But how would you know that you are the leader, so ask yourself if these apply to you:

If you are not in a particular social situation with your entourage and people ask where you are. If you say “NO” to something and it doesn’t happen. If you say “YES” to something and it happens. You’ve got some stories you haven’t yet told. You are the person with the most chameleon-like tendencies. In other words, you can party as hard as the wildest person in your group. But, when necessary, you can also be as focused as your group’s clearest of thinkers. So, if all of these above apply in your situation then you are the leader of the group as I presumed you should be.

Entourage hangouts

Now that you know who is in your entourage the final thing is left to decide is where your entourage is going to hang out. This is essentially the biggest decision you are going to make. This place will represent what your whole entourage is about. Hanging out. So here is couple of hanging out places I recommend you for your entourage to hang out in; the latest and the greatest club in town, find out the hardest club to get into and choose that one as THE one you and your boys are hanging out in and discussing adultfrinendfinder. Forget about how much the drinks cost in there because that is the place you are going to hang out in.

Movie premiers, is the perfect place for you and the boys to be seen. Its part of choosing a place where you and your boys are getting their faces in the media, come on, we all know its going to happen eventually.

Now, my final message to you all is to stop reading too much into this article and do what I have already taught you do and get yourself a posse and do what you do best. Hang out.

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