How To Improve Your Skills With Women

How To Improve Your Skills With Women

Finding yourself trapped on the path to getting better with women? Good. I had lots of stumbling blocks too. I’ve discovered that becoming unstuck is always a matter of addressing one of the following seven issues:

1.) Beliefs – do you believe you can do it? I spoke recently at a conference in Germany about – what else? – dating. My topic was something like Dating the Girl of your Dreams. The first problem I had for the audience was “how many of you actually believe that you will date the girl of your dreams?” A lot of guys get into the “getting better with women on Adultfrienedfinder” thing thinking it’s simply a new set of skills to be learned (more on that shortly). Way more important than their skills, however, are their beliefs.

2.) Motivation – do you want it badly enough? This is a huge problem that I see with boot camp clients. They only want really hot girls who they’re not experienced enough to pick up these hot women, and they lack the enthusiasm to approach girls just to get in practice. Lack of Motivation also strikes in many other forms, from depression to genuine dispassion.

3.) Raw Potential – could you do it? Most of us possess the potential to be good artists, but give up around fifth grade. But not too many of us have the intellectual capability to comprehend particle physics beyond, say, Brian Greene’s explanations. And a tubby, big boned chunk of lovin’ isn’t going to appear in a Victoria’s Secret catalog or Thrusting vibrators catalog. String-theory and underwear modeling aside, though, there are many examples of people who transcended their God-given limitations, usually through outstanding force of will and belief. I believe that we’re all genetically wired to be able to meet women – it’s really a matter of transcending social conditioning, and then, constructing the right…

4.) Skill Set – do you have the essential skills? No matter how much you believe that you can put up a dog house, your progress will be limited if you don’t have some fundamental carpentry skills. You typically take a class, read a book, or find an apprenticeship to help you learn some skills and address this issue.

5.) Resources – are the right tools at your disposal? To continue with our dog house symbol, the best carpenter in the world couldn’t make much if he didn’t have a saw or a hammer. A lack of resources classically becomes obvious very quickly – this is where we have products and tools and boot camps to get better with women.

6.) Execution – do you put everything to work? Are you able to successfully channel your beliefs, motivation, potential and skills into something that goes somewhere? Failures in execution are common, and often the result of poor organization of people, time, priorities and/or resources.

7.) Commitment – will you follow through? Getting started on something, whether a relationship, a friendship, or even a business, is always great fun. But if you can’t see it through to its rational end (or merely commit to being a part of the journey), it won’t get very far.

Whenever I’ve found myself stuck on something, I ask myself which of the above sticking points has got me. 95% of the time, it is motivation. 

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