How to Make a Woman Cum by Eating Her Out – 10 Things You MUST Know

How to Make a Woman Cum by Eating Her Out – 10 Things You MUST Know

Warning: An Unsatisfied Woman Can Make Your Life Very Miserable or Just Walk Out On You

If you want to know how to make a woman cum by eating her up you need to concentrate on these 3 things: her vagina, her clitoris and the stimulation of her G spot.
And no its not as simple as you think so lets dive deeper:

1.Constant clitoral licking alone doesn’t do the job and usually just makes the woman feel Worse.

2. You should start circling her clit with the tip of your tongue and, slowly lick your way down her labia to her slit and slowly work your way up again to her clit.

3. Repeat Number 2 over and over again. They are the heart of the how to make a woman cum formula.

4. When you put your tongue to work, dont forget about your hands, use them to caress her body: inner thighs, calves and feet.

5. Move your tongue and kisses from her clit to her tghighs and back, everytime coming close to her clit but not getting there. TEASE the girl you met with the help of adultfrienedfinder app ios, make her think that you are going to where she wants you worse, and divert your course near the end.

6. TAKE YOUR TIME. This is a situation when time works for your advantage. Improvise, tease and then improvise some more. Make her go crazy, until every nerve in her body is tingling and her entire body is extremely sensitive and screaming for your touch.

WARNING: If you’ll act like you are about to leave or stop at this moment then your life might be in great danger.

7. Breath close to her clit. She is so turned on now that every breath or murmur you’ll do will feel for her like an earthquake.

8. Did i mention that you need to tease her some more?

9. Now you can keep licking her, adding your fingers or you can just penetrate her.

10. All of this can be made much stronger if she is giving you a blow job at the same time (69)

I hope these 10 simple steps will get you started – if you want more, feel free to check out my other articles on this site like -How to Pleasure a Woman in 10 Simple Steps? or you can check out this how to make a woman cum cool site.

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