How To Spot Single Women

How To Spot Single Women

Can you picture a universe where you can easily identify which girls are single and which are not? Wouldn’t that make your job of approaching that much easier?

It would make picking up a woman that much easier; no longer would you need to waste your time on women who were taken… you could solely focus your pickup techniques on that woman of your dreams.

While there is no easy way of identifying what woman is single, I’ll try to at least help you in making a good determination as to whether this woman is ready for your advances at Adultfrienedfinder.  It’ll just be up to you to bait, hook and bring her back in.

One of the first signs that you should be looking for is to check her left hand’s ring finger. If there is a ring or a tan line than you can be sure that you are most likely out of luck and in the presence of a woman who is only looking to flirt or out with her girlfriends.

Now that we’ve gotten that very obvious sign out of the way, we should try and learn how a single female will use body language near you that signals that she is sexually or romantically interested in you. Once you master these signs, you can then use the knowledge to your advantage. You’ll be able  increase your chances of getting that first date or more.

Just remember that you will need to look for multiple signs and hints to determine her interest in you.

  • Eye Contact
    If you see her eyes roaming the room as if trying to find a new mate you can feel some confidence that she is most likely single. Most women who already have a date don’t typically bother looking around as they have no interesting of meeting men and therefore aren’t on the prowl.If you remember from an earlier teen dating advice article on keys to flirting, you’ll want to make sure that she makes eye contact with you. This will be your first signal that not only is she on the hunt, but that she is interested specifically in you!Her eye contact should be followed by either a smile, a possible biting or licking of her lips or a showing of her tongue. If none of those follow her initial eye contact than she probably is more creeped out by you as opposed to being interested.
  • She’s Making Convo With Multiple Guys
    If you can see her talking to multiple guys it probably means that she is If you see her talking to many guys from a distance, it probably means that she’d be open to conversation from a stranger which is your cue to saddle up and go for the approach.
  • When Looking At Other Couples You See A Twinge Of Sadness
    While you are observing your target from a distance, if you notice her focusing on other couples, especially with a look of sadness, it signals that she is longing for the days when she was in a relationship… time to be her knight in shining armor.
  • She Dances With Multiple Men
    If you saw that cutie come in with a group of females and then see her dancing with other men then good chances are that she’s single unless she’s in a very open relationship. Also, if you see her dancing with another female but catch her looking at other people then she is probably alone. Boogie on over though if she doesn’t separate from her female friend then she is either taken or has no interest in you.

Remember, body language is key to really understanding the woman that you’ve been eying. Keep your eyes out for an article soon that will help those seeking teen dating advice on body language for specifics, but here are some cliff notes.

If she is not taken, then there are good chances that you’ll spot her twirling her hair or possibly touching other men in a casual manner.  When you make your approach if she subtly touches your leg or brushes your arm then that’s a clear sign that she wants you to keep chatting it up with her.

In the end you can find out definitively whether a woman is single by just approaching her and asking her for her digits. If she already has a boyfriend or has no interest in you, the worst that will happen is that you’ll get rejected. Not a big deal… however, many men, especially those in their teen years, find it difficult to approach a woman. For those men, hopefully the aforementioned tips will clue you in to her status.

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